Friday, September 21, 2018


Free fall
The first day of autumn is officially tomorrow.
For much of America that means little as it's
still quite hot. However here in central Montana
we've already fallen. Well our thermometer has.
Our forecast calls for highs in the low sixties.
With nights hovering close to freezing. So at
least until "Indian Summer" arrives, it's time
to hunker down. A phenomena homebodies
like myself find inspiring. Mostly because that
means a fire in the hearth, comfort food in the
oven, and hopefully a good stiff drink upon the
horizon. That plus the END of allergy season.
Which honestly, can't come soon enough!
Animal instinct
Frankly I've been miserable since mid-August.
Hence while I don't relish the impact the first
frost will have on our flora - I hope it happens
soon. For those who somehow avoid a pollen
overdose, it's hard to describe just how bad it's
been. Yet having suffered through the worst of
it, the end is near and THANK GOD. All of
which means that rather than hibernate, I will
soon awaken from a seasonally self-imposed
haze of antihistamines. Thus Frank no longer
has to bear living with a growling, snarling,
and sniffling spouse. So while it may be cold
outside, things may finally warm up at home.
Hey big spenders...
Tamed bears aside, fall here in Montana is
all about hunting. Since Labor Day through
late fall it's open season for much of our
local feathered and furry friends. This also
means an influx of outsiders willing to pay
for their kill. Unbeknownst to most, there
are many MEGA houses situated on private
ranches within a sixty mile proximity of our
town. Soon much like the swallows returning
to Capistrano - their billionaire owners will
flock back for a month of hunting. Which
hopefully brings a much needed shot in the
arm of our local economy. Welcome back!
Good will hunting
Allergic relief and influxes of cash aside - what
I welcome most is time well spent with family
and friends. Last night Frank's brother and sister
in-law hosted a family dinner. After a summer
of houseguests, travel, and other distractions it
was wonderful to get together. Aided by a most
delicious meal of Nonna's Chicken Cacciatore
(translated it means "Chicken Hunter Style).
Little is as comforting as being surrounded by
hose whom we love and love us. Yet it's times
like these when I miss my kids most. Wishing
that my daughters lived much closer to "home."
And that they could easily pop over for a visit.
Few and far between
In theory the saddest phenomena in modern
society is the separation of nuclear families.
However in truth it's always been that way.
Generations ago, our fore bearers left their
loved ones and homes to start a new life in
America. Or to homestead way out west.
Many never seeing their loved ones again.
So even if your family can rarely gather
together - it's better than nothing. Which is
reason enough to be thankful for the times
we share with those near and dear. Come
to think of it - Thanksgiving is all too soon.
Isn't it time you came to home for a visit?