Friday, March 31, 2017


Never on the lamb
Today March is done and sadly
an old adage seems to be false.
We started this month FRIGID.
And as of this morning we will
end March on a chilly and wet
note. We're in the low forties
here in Manhattan and the sky
seems to be falling. Hence yet
another cliche seems to be an
omen as April most certainly
will bring showers. I just wish
it wasn't so messy. Dampness
and cold are a bad combination.
Slippery slope
Here in the city, people seem to
go nuts whenever precipitation is
in the air. Try as one might, there
is not a cab to be had anywhere.
Whether they've evaporated, or
melted, or simply moved on to a
drier climate, one can stand on the
corner for hours trying to hail a
cab. Yes, there's "Uber" but I try
to resist paying triple for a ride.
Thus I continue to wave my arm
in the hopes of scoring curbside.
It's a sodden exercise in futility!
Spin cycle
I've weathered worse storms. While
living in Dallas, our posh apartment
sat within a building  appropriately
named "The Glass House." Hence
almost all of our walls were floor to
ceiling plate glass. While perfectly
marvelous most of the time it was a
bit terrifying during tornado season.
Seeing that pea green sky or a funnel
on the horizon sent us cowering in
the shower stall behind the closed
bathroom door. In the end it all blew
over but trust me, I WAS SCARED!
Rubber match
One would hope that after hiding under
multiple layers for months we might be
finally able to shed our excess baggage.
However now comes the rain and so we
drag out slickers, galoshes, umbrellas,
Hunters, and Wellies. While I'm trying
to look on the bright side, few if any
appear attractive in such fetid fashion.
Thus I'm sad to be sodden. And for
the ladies it's even worse as moisture
and most coifs are not friends. The end
result being a flurry of unwanted fuzz.
And who wants to resemble a Q Tip?!
Weather or not
In the end we all must embrace
the liquidity of this spring season.
All of the snow, sleet, rain, and
showers are what now brings life
to the downtrodden. It's moisture
fuels all of the reasons we adore
the warmer months. After living
through an endless deluge there
is light on the horizon. Thus as
you look at all of those flowers
blooming in a few weeks, you'll
truly realize a little rain never
hurt anybody. LET IT POUR!