Thursday, March 2, 2017

How in the devil did this happen?

Uphill climb
There are times when nothing seems to go one's
way. Try as we might, the odds seem more than
against us. Hence post a major disappointment
it's fairly easy to slip into a slump. Being mired
deep within the muck, it's rather hard to remain
optimistic. The only way to survive oppression
is to rise above it. Hence somehow most find
an easy way to pull themselves out of a negative
situation. And in the process do whatever it
takes to put one's circumstances in a positive
light. All of the above is what I've been telling
myself for the last few months. Yet somehow
I've no doubt that my pep talks aren't working.
Odd man pout
Where did we go wrong? How did our collective
American experience suddenly sink far beyond
it's lowest point prior? Exactly who amongst us
handed over our country to a megalomaniac with
seemingly NO morals or ethics? One can't help
but wonder where we went wrong. There is no
easy answer to which one can attribute our slide
over the edge. Suddenly everything we held near
and dear is up for grabs. Leaving the majority of
us wondering what else can possibly go wrong.
And whether we'll ever be able to climb out of
this abyss that we now find ourselves in. Caught
in a maze of conflicting crisis, we're totally lost.
Easier said than done
We've all been through this before. You meet
a stranger and fall in love. Before you know
it you're married and have several children,
a house, dog, and many other commitments.
Then one night you look across the table at
dinner and wonder how you ever got yourself
into such a mess. The person looking back to
you is suddenly your worst enemy. How the
transition from love to hate occurred doesn't
matter. Your partnership went from good to
bad. Hence one's natural reaction is to flee
the scene of said crime. However due to pre-
existing conditions escape isn't fast or easy!
Out of office
How about that perfect job? The one that you
carefully considered before finally accepting?
Initially all goes well and it seems that you're
providing added benefit. Then suddenly some
corporate coup stirs the pot and every reason
you chose to be there evaporates. Thrown off
by such a change in events you wonder how
in the world you got yourself in such a spot.
And how soon you can possibly get yourself
the hell out of there! Thus you plot and plan
an exit strategy. All while you continue to do
your job while you pay the bills, polish your
resume', and frequently link onto linkedin.
Nightmare on Elm Street
Then of course theres your dream house. After
years of searching for the ultimate home sweet
home you finally find it. On the surface it all
seems to be in good shape. A home inspection
may identify a few issues but nothing you can't
overcome. However once you start remodeling,
a veritable Pandora's box of black mold, bad
wiring, and corroded pipes overwhelm. Before
you know it you're living amidst a sea of dust
and debt. All as your nirvana transitions into
what can only be described as the money pit.
Then suddenly the real estate market collapses
and your home is worth half of what you owe.
Over and over again
The fact is there are no guarantees in life. Hence
the best we can do is weather the storm. That's
how I'm looking at the next four years. Like it
or not, we're stuck with President Trump. Thus
the only way to succeed may be by leveraging
our limitations. While calling a congressman
on the carpet may seem futile, a group effort
proves there is safety in numbers. If each of
us can overcome debt, divorce, death, disease,
unemployment, or foreclosure then we should
be able to survive a combover. The question is
do we have the resolve to fight a battle that at
times may seem impossible to win?!