Monday, May 2, 2016


Color your world
Yesterday our niece "B" wore the most
divine frock to an event. It was coral -
a color that has always been one of my
favorite hues. That's probably in part
because it's a close cousin to orange
(as in Hermes) which trumps all other
colors in my book. If nothing else coral
happily hovers somewhere in between
pink, orange, and tomato which for me
colors my world. In my opinion almost
everyone looks good in coral. However
that's IF and only if one is brave enough
to turn up the heat. Orange you?
Bitter sweet
Among the signs of spring that I miss most
from back east are quince blossoms. Those
vibrantly delicate bursting branches deliver
a much needed pop of color to the landscape
after a long winter. During the summer I've
always adored "Chinese Lanterns" - those
old fashioned deep quince toned paper-like
posies. However among my most favorite
eastern varieties is bittersweet. Said vine's
berries are a mix of both orange and quince
hues. And in my opinion therefore the most
perfect combination imaginable. I've yet to
find a Montana equivalent to the OK coral!
If lips could talk
With summer arriving, I can't help
but harken back to coral. During
my youth fashion went to extremes
in order to make a statement. Hence
many ladies of that era donned their
Lily Pulitzer sheaths, flipped their
lids to brassy blonde, and liberally
applied a swath of opaque coral
lipstick. All the better to show off
their tans! What's amazing is that
even now at the Jupiter Island Club
those same gals wear that uniform.
Even if they appear a bit wrinkled.
Eye of the beholder
There's nothing wrong with adding a bit
of spice to your life. Some of us prefer
to frame our perspective through rose
colored glasses. Last night I met a lady
who was sporting a pair of vintage pale
coral/pink toned specs. Given opposites
attract - said hue perfectly brought out
the blue of her eyes. Hence that splash
of color not only brightened her outlook
but also put a smile upon her face. Thus
wearing color doesn't mean one has to
necessarily look like a human kumquat.
So why not use your head pumpkin?!
Pales by comparison
Whether coral, quince, persimmon, or
orange - there's something about an
amalgam of jaune et rouge that peaks
my interest. On the other hand, little
bores me more than peach. During the
seventies into the eighties it was quite
popular. And while it literally pales
by comparison many tend to avoid
turning up the heat. Without intensity
being peachy isn't so keen as it tends
to make one akin to a distant relation
of Blanche Dubois. And please, don't
even think of mixing it with mint.
Spice of life
Fashion comes and goes yet somehow
certain things are timeless. So while I
don't advise that you immediately run
out and buy a tube of Tangee, I humbly
suggest that we all have a little fun once
in awhile. Add a touch of whatever hue
speaks to you. As long as one takes the
admonition "less is more" to heart, it'll
all work out. So pop in a quince pocket
square. Wear that orange Hermes belt.
Or be like "B" and rock their world in
the perfect coral frock. Life is too short
to play it safe. You have my persimmon.