Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Slice of life
May has always been my most favorite
month. For me it's a month of optimism.
Winter is finally over - spring is in full
force - and my birthday falls within it.
It seems like everything happens during
the next thirty one days. We celebrate
our Mothers this coming Sunday. My
bestie "T" is here for a long stay plus
her birthday is next week. Frank and
I leave for a long awaited vacation mid
month. And of course it all ends with a
bang on Memorial Day - the unofficial
start of the summer season!
Our one and only
However the biggest event of the month
is my youngest grandson "H's" FIRST
birthday. For the last year my daughter
"M" has been chronicling his growth and
development. Everyday via Facebook,
text, or e-mail a plethora of images arrive
from Chicago. While far apart, I feel as
if I've been a daily participant in "H's"
growth. And what a gift from God that
has been. However what's most amazing
is watching "M" in full bloom in her role
as a Mother. She is amazing! All proof
that life keeps getting better with age!
Branch out
Yesterday an arborist finished pruning
our trees. These living treasures just
got a clean bill of health which thrills
given many locals have been cutting
down "diseased" trees. Late last fall
he fertilized them and now our expert
is excited to see just how well they've
benefited from said pampering. Now
that they're primped and trimmed they
are ready to POP. Another sign that
May is a fresh start here in Montana.
It's days like these that I truly know
we're uniquely blessed to live here.
Backward glance
This week we start the final stage of
work on our historic home. A crew
will remove a plethora of sidewalks,
stoops, and other debris. Next they
start digging the footings for several
stucco and brick walls. Within a few
weeks our backyard should be fully
enclosed with four gates providing
access as needed. A brick terrace
will soon sit beneath the spreading
branches of our century old Horse
Chestnut. So May is going to be a
busy month here at the Passion Pit.
Dig it?
Meanwhile Frank is planting his garden
out at the Ranch. In Central Montana we
must wait until post Mother's Day to plant
anything beyond seeds. At this point the
beds are prepared and peas, carrots, beets,
swiss chard, and many other goodies are
starting to develop. Once the risk of frost
is gone, he'll fill in the gaps with a bevy
of other plants. Over the month of May
the garden will start to develop. While our
growing season is short, by July we'll be
enjoying the fruits of his labor! Oh boy -
do I know how to pick them or what?!
Over and out
Rather than sit at home and wait, Frank
and I will soon depart on a trip overseas
to Portugal. We've never been there
before which only makes our journey
all the more exciting. While beyond
nervous about mastering Portuguese -
we're eager to see, do, and learn new
things. And even if it seems rather
insane for us to escape amidst all of
the construction and activity out back,
we trust our partners in crime. Thus
what could be more fun than returning
home to a job well literally well done?!
Ready, set...
If you're like us - life begins anew
with the month of May. What do
you have planned? Where will you
go? Who will you see? What will
you do? If for no other reason, we
have decided that life is short. And
so we plan to enjoy every minute
we've got left. Isn't it time you did
just that? Rather than sit at home
and sulk - get out and break out of
your normal routine. Plant a garden.
Celebrate with family and friends.
Share the love. Have a great time!