Tuesday, May 17, 2016


Three years ago... 
May 17, 2013 I posted the following blog entry about our home renovation.
Today while we're in Portugal be sure to see the final result shown far below!

Just the right size
While the Passion Pit is around 7,000
square feet, in truth it's a three bedroom
house. When George Washington Cook
had it built, he was 65. Residents were
GW, his wife Emma, two daughters, a
cook and maid. GW situated the Master
Bedroom and Bath on the main floor as
there were no stairs to climb. What was
more than convenient in 1918 is just as
perfect for our needs today!

For Ladies Only
Upstairs two suites designed for
daughters Fannie & Carro share
one bath. The last of their nine
children still living at home, the
second floor was all theirs while
the help slept in the basement.

Nightmare to dream.
At left is a picture of the Guest
Bath taken in February. In case
you've forgotten "before" it was
a hobbled menage of salvaged
elements that didn't fit together
nor actually worked. Plus... it
was more than filthy and ugly.
Welcome visitors!
Our new second floor will be devoted to
guests. We've maintained the "Jack and
Jill" bath configuration between the two
bedroom suites. It will be rare if both are
inhabited at the same time. When so our
guests can share! The new plumbing and
electric are in. Fixtures, cabinets await
installation. Once sheetrock is up, Frank's
brother "B" will start on the tile work. It
pays to have Montana's best in the family!
A ceramic oasis.
All walls will be clad with white subway
tile running up to the six foot "sanitary
height". Floors will have small hexagon
tiles exactly as they were in 1918. We've
combined the former gigantic plus hall
closet into two rooms. One for a vanity
and tub (shown above), the other for a
toilet and shower (shown left). Both fit
the time and place while reconfigured to
suit the needs of our modern day guests.
Heavy scrub.
There's nothing like a nice hot
bath. Our new free standing
cast iron tub (right) is HEAVY.
Before we could install it, the
team had to replace the floor
joists as they had been cut to
pieces over the years by prior
plumbers. The last thing we
want is for a guest to drop in
au naturale in our dining room!
The Throne Room.
On the main floor, the Master
Bath is much larger given we
incorporated two closets into
the space. It's going to be quite
fabulous. Frank tested several
showroom tubs before finding
the perfect spot to soak.
Fit for a queen...
Known to spend a lot of time in the bath,
Frank knows what he wants - spectacular!
I prefer The other MP long, hot showers
so, we've also created a spacious shower
that will be housed in a floor to ceiling
glass box.  Brother "B" will encase the
entire room in the most amazing Carrera
marble. We plan to live in our retirement
residence for the rest of our lives so why
not splurge?! After all it's only money...


The finished Guest Bath features a double vanity and deep tub.

The completed Master Bath features a heated marble mosaic floor.

The Master Bath shower is beyond decadent.