Thursday, May 12, 2016

And away we go...

Off and running
Honestly I have no idea how we made
it this far. The past weeks have been
beyond frenetic. As both of us were ill,
simply surviving was hard enough. Let
alone attempting to prepare for a trip
away. Yet somehow, someway we got
organized and now are on our way to
Portugal. Flying from rural Montana
to almost anywhere ain't easy Therefore
we are in the process of completing four
connections before we will finally arrive
Friday afternoon in Lisbon. Obviously
it's well worth the effort. Well... sort of.
Deep and wide
One might wonder how we can traipse
across the globe while people are digging
massive holes in our yard. First we have
a tried and true team of top professionals
who we more than trust. Second, we've
put everything down on paper to insure
they know what's in our heads. Finally,
we can be called, texted, or e-mailed at
anytime, anywhere. Hence we're more
than comfortable packing up and leaving
town. And honestly, if something does per
chance goes wrong, our presence would
make little to no difference in solving it!
Safe and sound
If you're worried about us announcing
our trip via such a public venue, don't.
During our absence our home is being
carefully watched 24/7 by friends and
family. Somebody will be staying in
the house the entire time we're out of
the country. Beyond taking in our mail
they'll be watering the orchids. Most
important, they can enjoy our home
and do whatever they want to insure
they have a fabulous stay. So after
we hand over the keys - no worries!
Ready or knot
Traveling often isn't the most pleasant of
processes. Yet after much pre-planning
we're fairly confident that we've got more
than our bases covered. If we're worried
about anything it's mastering even the
most basic of Portuguese. I am personally
terrified of being tongue tied for most of
the next month. But experts assure that
most people speak English as a second
language. Fortunately even if I'm unable
to channel my inner translator - apparently
most natives will be more than happy to
speak my language. Voce me entende?
Short and sweet
If nothing else the next month will be an
adventure. As able I will be sharing my
observations as usual when and as I can.
That means that at time I'll be posting
"reruns" for your reading pleasure. Yet
given I can't remember what I wrote last
week - my hope is you'll be able to enjoy
a repeat performance or two... or twenty.
Assuming technology is my friend, theres
no reason why we can't stay in touch. So
please, join us on our next global journey.

Who knows what may happen?