Monday, November 3, 2014

What a difference a month makes

The Passion Pit "BEFORE" circa January 2013

Home sweet home
It's funny how a month away can truly
change your perspective - LITERALLY.
While we were away, the Passion Pit
facade was transformed from ugly to
magnificent. Arriving in the dark, we
couldn't tell exactly what it looked like.
However the next morning we acted as
if we were two kids on Christmas Day
as we marveled at the "gift" our team
Mike and Tahan had given us. Our new
"pergola" front porch and re-stuccoed
exterior turned the pit into a palace.
Absence makes the house grow faboo!

Equal but different
As you know, the Supreme Court
did not hear suits related to bans
of gay marriage. Hence all prior
lower court judgements deeming
bans unconstitutional now stand.
Montana is part of the 9th Circuit
of the US Court of Appeals which
already banned the ban. November
20th our case will come before a
judge in Helena and soon we will
join the other 32 states (thus far)
that offer marriage equality to all!
See what happens when we travel?

Rome rendezvous
Speaking of gay marriage, while we
were in Italy, the Vatican held an
"Extraordinary Synod" focused on
"Family Issues." A revolutionary
revelation was released indicating a
need for support and acceptance of
the gay community with the church.
Sadly opposing forces watered down
said statement but is it obvious that
change is brewing within the Catholic
church. My hope is that rather than
dividing the faithful, this movement
with bring us all together in harmony.

Table reserved
Apparently an act of God has to
occur before change hits St. Leos.
October saw worldwide attention
on our parish after a new priest
banned two gay parishioners from
receiving the host. This sad situation
was so out of sync with Rome that it
was actually discussed at the Synod!
Rather than embrace change, young
Father Spearing is bringing back the
past to St. Leos. Latin Mass has been
reinstated and he recently stated that
eating meat on Fridays is still a sin.

Meanwhile back at the ranch
Fortunately a church does not make
the village. The other day we had
breakfast at a local joint. One of our
favorite waitresses recently moved
back to Lewistown. When queried as
to why - she stated her fifteen year
old daughter had come out. Both of
her parents felt Lewistown was the
best place for her as people are open,
accepting, and kind. Last Saturday the
headline on our local newspaper (left)
supported their theory. Sometimes life
is just amazing isn't it?

"I'm proud to be gay."
When the CEO of the world's top
technology firm makes a statement
like that, you know change is real.
Obviously many knew Tim Cook,
the CEO of Apple was gay. Yet he
felt it was time to openly reinforce
his preference. You see, ignorance
is still out there and the more we
openly live our lives and be who
we are - the faster change happens.
I cried when he said "I consider
being gay among of the greatest
gifts God has given me."

How sweet it is...
On Halloween, we welcomed over
one hundred trick or treaters to our
new home. While accused of being
overtly generous with the candy -
the fact is I was trying to make a point.
Children are not tainted by prejudice
so the younger they learn that we're
all the same, the better. By making
our home a happy, welcoming place -
we reinforce that good is good, kind
is kind, and happy is happy. Most
important, that love is love no matter
who you choose to love!