Monday, November 10, 2014

Something evil this way comes...

Snap to it!
Well, part of me knew it was coming.
Since returning from our jaunt, local
weather has been quite lovely. But all
good things must come to an end and
given the snow started last night plus
today's low is forecast at one degree,
winter has arrived here in Montana!
Fortunately they poured the concrete
for our new driveway early Saturday.
Hence the good news is that soon we
can park our vehicles in our garage.
The bad news is we might have to
shovel our way to it! Farewell Fall!
Fits like a...
Soon the snow birds will fly away
from Lewistown. Most spend their
winters in Arizona which is quite
a lovely place. However I have no
need to escape winter's wrath. Thus
I intend to revel in all things frigid.
Part of that is dressing for the part.
Fortunately I purchased a fabulous
pair of leather gloves in Rome. A
simple a burst of color can chase
away the doldrums! Given the low
on Tuesday is MINUS FIVE... I'll
need all the happy hands I can get.
Booty call
Sadly, sporting Italian leather may not
be enough to protect me against the
elements. So on Saturday, we walked
over to Don's - our local emporium of
all things Montanan. You see, I needed
a pair of proper winter boots given I'll
be slogging thru slush for at least six
months. Selecting appropriate tootsie
protection for a rural Montanan winter
requires sub zero insulation plus being
willing to look silly. Rather than style,
it's all about warmth, durability, and
most important - water proofing!
That blows
Next, I tried to stop by the hardware
store. As new homeowners we now
have to deal with some white stuff.
My motto is BE PREPARED while
my better half preferred to wait and
see. As I examined snow blowers
our difference in opinion blew my
way. One thinks he'll shovel and
the other prefers to "drive" or hire
someone to clear our path. Hence
we moved along. And while I lost
that battle, fate may deliver a shiny
metal marvel within a day or two!
Slip sliding away
Knowing I was pushing my limits,
I suggested that we purchase some
salt. One of our winter challenges
here in Central Montana is ICE.
Blessed with wonderful bouts of
winter warmth called "Chinooks,"
Lewiston is periodically soothed
by temperate winds blown off the
Rockies. They warm our days and
melt the snow. Every night this
liquid morass transforms into icy
black glass. My request was met
with another rather salty response.
Lights out
Don't worry - our fridge is full so
frankly we've no reason to venture
out again until the thermometer hits
above freezing. All the more time
to contemplate my Thanksgiving
table and menu. After all, before we
know it we'll be stuffing turkeys and
baking pies. I'm truly thankful for
our lovely new home and even more
excited to share it with those I love.
So cold or not, don't worry. We'll
make sure your path is clear and
the lights are on to guide your way!