Friday, November 14, 2014


Enough is enough
Everything in life is a combination of
good and bad. Without devils there
would be no need for angels. The far
extremes of positive versus negative
can be either glorious or devastating.
Few seem to be able to deftly leverage
life's dichotomy. Within such a world
of extremes is it possible to juggle all
that is thrown at us? Should one answer
"YES" to all that the world has to offer?
Or is moderation the secret to happiness.
With a bit of experience I've decided that
"NO" may actually be the right answer.
The hunger games
Take food for example. Who doesn't enjoy
dining on a gourmet feast? Yet preparing a
meal for those we love can be as satisfying.
Most find comfort in consumption but too
much of any good thing is TOO MUCH.
As we age one realizes that while it's quite
easy to pack on the pounds, it's more than
daunting to get rid of them. So slowly we
find our metabolic median. Embracing the
fact that while we may like it - it may not
like us. Eating one potato chip is almost
impossible, but somehow we do our best
to keep things in check. Is less... more?!
All or nothing at all
Most of us adore sex. Don't blush...
because you know it's true! The God
given glory of celebrating each other
physically is one of life's miracles. Yet
orgasms are addictive. Hence some of
us can't get enough while oddly others
can't seem to get any. Finding one's G
spot involves more than happy hands.
It requires a willingness to limit one's
indulgences in order to discover that
love is more than animal attraction.
The best sex happens between equals
who are equally committed to love!
Double trouble
The best way to maintain equilibrium
is to share your life with someone. All
of us have someone special out there
just waiting to connect and make life
better. Partnership requires a level of
commitment that brings balance. Each
half is better when part of a whole. Yet
many get angry when their better half
knows better. It's not about superiority.
It's not about either winning. It's about
having an open dialogue where each
can say what the other needs to hear.
Vulnerability is the key to happiness.
Well said
You don't have to live with or have sex
with somebody to be loved. Friends are
one of life's richest gifts. Give and take
can be the gift that keeps on giving. Yet
some prefer to surround ourselves with
casual acquaintances. Seemingly risk
free, there is a liability to not knowing
somebody as well as you should. Many
have an agenda and you may not be on it.
Users are just that - users. A friendship
enables both to jointly enjoy the benefit
that a free flow of camaraderie allows.
Who doesn't need (or want) a back up?
Life insurance policy
Given life is full of disappointments,
some attempt to course correct with
material indulgences. In theory they're
the stuff that dreams are made of. But
rarely do things replace people. Nor do
they provide enough pleasure to balance
the liability of purchasing them. That
pretty bauble may be calling out to you.
However soon it will sit forgotten in a
safety deposit box or sock drawer. Why
not open a savings account or pay off
your mortgage? Life is too short only
to end up shorthanded in assisted living!
Odd man in the middle
Trust me, I'm no expert. Every day
is a struggle to maintain some sense
of balance. At this point I know my
limitations. So I try to abstain from
anything that doesn't benefit me long
term. While I'm definitely not Einstein,
I've become fairly skilled at valuing
what's truly important and purging
what isn't. Elimination while painful
is often best for all involved. Out with
the bad - in with whatever makes us
feel safe, happy, and secure. Time is
not on our side so why clown around?