Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The best things in life are free

Forward thinking
The other day "J" posted on Facebook -
"Wine in a glass, coffee in a mug. The
only thing better than First Class is
when you DON'T have to pay for it!"
Which bodes the question, is there
ever a free ride? YES! Luxuries are
out there waiting for you to enjoy
them. All it takes is some extra effort
to transform life from drab to divine.
And while sometimes the God's may
grant an upgrade... usually we have
to do it ourselves. Yet why don't we?
Instead we do without and give up.
Ready, set
Mother always made dinner an occasion.
Call it old fashioned, she felt Howard's
nightly arrival should be celebrated. The
dining room table was set, candles lit,
and Ethel donned something she knew
Dad would appreciate. Seeing that smile
on his face proved that whatever extra
effort was required was more than worth
the hassle. Could there be a better way
to show your love than simply making
the one you love feel special? Isn't life
tough enough? If the flicker of a lit wick
makes it all disappear I say... FIRE UP!
Out of the closet
It's funny how our parents influence us.
Every night I set a proper table - even if
it's just the two of us. Not only does it
show Frank that I care - frankly I love
pulling some of my old friends from the
cupboard for an evening out. The only
reason to own pretty things is to share
them. If you have a set of dusty china or
tarnished silver sitting in some closet -
it's your own fault. Come on... what are
you waiting for? If it breaks, it breaks.
More important, if they bring a smile to
your face, grin and bear washing them.
Pressing situations
It's the little things that seem to make
life tolerable. For me a cloth napkin is
a symbol of civilization. It takes equal
time to fold damask versus paper. And
while yes, it takes some effort to wash
and iron said serviettes - yet one can't
but recall the evening as you press on.
It's the same with tablecloths or mats.
By adding a layer between us and the
cold, hard world, dinner is an event and
not just pure consumption. Something
has to separate us from the beasts so
why shouldn't it be rather elegant?
I can see clearly now
It's not always about what's on the inside.
One's perspective impacts our ability to
enjoy the world beyond. Since moving
into the Passion Pit, I've resisted washing
windows. With workers throwing up all
sorts of dust, it made no sense. Now that
cold weather has descended - I rushed to
clean our dining room windows. I want
Thanksgiving to be a glorious day and
the thought of looking out at the world
through polka dotted dirt made no sense.
So while I never do windows - I did. And
what a difference a little Windex makes!
Time to wake up
All it takes to enjoy the finer things is a
willingness to put in a bit of extra effort.
While some consider time money - why
not think of it as an investment in one's
peace of mind. Given we all sleep and
eat, why shouldn't we have a little fun
while we do just that? Life is what one
makes of it. So if a crisp, pressed sheet
helps you sleep better - why not make
an elegant bed and lie in it? Few of us
can afford a maid but should any of us
afford to not to enjoy life's pleasures?
They're waiting for you to use them!