Friday, November 21, 2014

The best laid plans

I've got a new attitude 
It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving
is less than a week away. Given we're
hosting, I decided to try and be a tad
more organized than normal. So I've
been making my lists, checking them
twice, and doing whatever is possible
to not freak out. This year I want to
enjoy our time together. My youngest
"M" and her beau "D" are joining us.
Having one of my children at my table
is truly something to be very thankful
for! Hence I'm trying to get as much
off my plate before she arrives.
Home plate
I've selected my table linens, china,
flatware, and crystal. Now that our
foundation is established, I'll move
on to flowers, candles, and fun! My
menu is finalized so I next worked
on selecting serving pieces it which
to dish it up in. Now I'm certain at
least a few of you are chuckling at
the concept of my worrying about
a lack of china. However serving a
crowd requires more of everything.
Isn't it better to know what's amiss
rather than discover it last minute?
Open door policy
Finally all the loose ends are coming
together. The last window treatments
are now installed. They just finish off
the place! Our rejuivinated original
front door is now swinging again and
what a difference that makes! Finally
our new driveway is complete and as
soon as it "cures", we'll be able to park
our vehicles in the garage! If I'm ever
at a quandary about what to be thankful
for, trust me our home is at the top of
my list! How wonderful it will be to
celebrate our first Thanksgiving here.
All tied up
Over the next days we'll finish the
shopping, clean the house, polish
the silver, and spiff up the guest
room. By the time the kids arrive
on Tuesday, all should be ready.
I'm trying and to relax this holiday.
Rather than freak out - I'm plan to
chill out. My menu is simple and
much of the work can be done on
Wednesday. I'm looking forward to
cooking, chatting, laughing, and
sipping as we prepare our feast.
All very low key with no drama!
Most important...
What are the holidays really about?
For me Thanksgiving is not a day
to celebrate gluttony, but rather love.
Thinking about all of life's blessings,
one can't help but be humbled. Over
the years just like everybody else we
have overcome some hurdles. Yet at
this point of life, things seem to be in
perfect balance. I'm not sure whether
things have gotten easier or I've just
smarter. All that I do know is that we
are thankfully enjoying living life to
it's fullest! How about you?