Tuesday, November 4, 2014

"I am with you every day."

Daily dosage
Writing a daily blog is if nothing else
a unique experience. What could be
more cathartic than having a forum
to share life's highs and lows?! Or as
threatening as being required to post
daily enlightenment to hundreds of
people?! After almost two years, this
blogger doesn't find it a chore. Rather
I continue to cherish each and every
moment of the process. As important,
my circle of friends has expanded far
beyond my wildest imagination. Who
wouldn't treasure a world of friends?

Group dynamic
Internet relationships are rather odd.
Communicating via a public forum
oddly allows for a level of intimacy
that is unique. Whether over a cup
of morning java or an end of day
glass of vino, we connect on a daily
basis. While most of us haven't met,
I can't help but feel a connection.
Once strangers, now intimates,
acquaintances become confidants.
While I may struggle to recognize
you on the street, I probably know
things about you others don't!

Guilt by association
Baring one's soul aside, this blog has
enabled me to reconnect with my past.
Whether you consider this six degrees
of separation or deja vu, recounting
reminiscences via montanaroue keeps
those I've lost alive. Long lost friends
have found me through my daily rants.
New friends have discovered someone
they like by simply reading. Together
we've morphed into some sort of a
digital family. A cyber chapter of odd
fellows that this fellow is privileged to
spend at least part of every day with.

Life line
Montanaroue also helps connect me
with those closest and nearest. Over
the years I've often been accused of
"disappearing." Life's stress can be
distracting and so I tried to hide from
the world at large. Fortunately I'm
blessed to have a candid and vocal
backup team. There have been times
when I simply couldn't (or wouldn't)
communicate with the world at large.
Strangely, spewing one's thoughts in
writing via a public venue is easier.
I can talk without being interrupted.

Give me a break
Hence the title for today's blog. My
dearest "D" is my strongest ally and
sharpest critic. The fact that she can
tell me anything is indicative of our
long and loving relationship. A globe
trotter, one rarely knows what time
zone she's in. Given my aversion to
the phone, we rarely chat. Now that
I live in a rather isolated locale, face-
to-face encounters are rare at best.
Via this blog, "D" can be with me
every day. Even if we can't talk as
often as we would like - we're one!

Party line
All of this may seem one sided. The fact
is I actually like interaction. So I'm ready
to talk about anything. You can reach me
via montanaroue on Facebook. Better
yet, become my friend and every day
I'll post a gentle reminder of the day's
missive message. Given we're all in this
en masse, if there's something you want
to talk about... please tell me. And if
you ever disagree with something I've
said, please let me know. The best part
of a dialogue is interaction. Go ahead,
reach out and touch someone... ME!!