Saturday, November 29, 2014

Here today, gone tomorrow!

All good things
must come to an end
You spend weeks planning. Days upon days
preparing. And then it's all over. Most special
times in life are fleeting at best. Hence one
should cherish every moment. Some think
that anticipation is almost as pleasurable as
the ultimate experience. I beg to differ. My
idea of foreplay is not shopping, cleaning,
and cooking. Yet the joy of having those I
love around my table was worth the effort.
These past days have been quite glorious.
Even if I'm left with a mound to clean up.
Family visitation
My baby "M" goes home today. We
have had a lovely time. No drama,
just love. Somehow we've mellowed
and now appreciate each other much
more. I'm not sure when the passing
of the parental baton happened. But
suddenly we're friends not foes and
that's one of life's greatest blessings.
She is truly happy with her man "D."
He integrated into our rather frenetic
holiday quite easily. Having someone
new in the mix helps us all appreciate
what we have! We are truly blessed!
Two timers
As Peggy Lee queried, one can't help
but ask "is that all there is?" Everything
is now put away. The kids soon will be
loaded on a plane home. And suddenly
even Frank and I are empty nesters. For
a brief period you naturally fall into a
familial groove. Then just as quickly
the chicks return to their nest and you
are left wandering in a big, empty house.
When it's over, it's hard to return back to
our everyday grooves. Yet fortunately we
have each other. And frankly truly enjoy
the times when it's just the two of us.
Ebb tide
While some complain about growing
old I must confess I rather enjoy the
process. After overcoming trials and
tribulations, there's little to surprise
or challenge a seasoned soul. Along
the way I seem to have found a sense
of peace that is quite affirming. The
wisdom that comes with experience
instills a subtle sense of confidence.
If nothing else, I know that good and
bad times will come and go. And left
behind in the dust is an older, wiser,
and I hope much kinder survivor.
All aboard
Fortunately we all have memories. I've
periodically felt more than a bit of a
failure as a parent. Over the past few
days my daughters shared memories
of times past. It's amazing the good
that survives in our hearts and minds.
Times that were once momentary now
somehow morph into times immemorial.
Our recollections create an hyper reality
that's beyond affirming. And somehow,
that amalgam of times past fuels an even
happier here and now. Yes my friends,
I believe the best is yet to come. Do you?