Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Totally FULL of it...

What's wrong?
I'm a total mess. An itchy, fidgety,
edgy mess. Tossed and turned all
night until I finally got up at 3 a.m.
Then suddenly, it came to me...
FULL MOON. Yes, this morning at
4:28 a.m. EST the last full moon of
2013 started to rise. It will reach it's
apogee on December 19th around
6:25 p.m. EST. Meaning this moon
is the fullest of the entire year.
Something I ate?
That means that my angst has
little to do with the pasta I ate
last night. It's simply a primal
force of nature. Don't ask me
why but Mr. Moon does strange
things to me. While I normally
not a monster, I certainly do
get a bit weird and therefore
am apt to do weird things. For
most of my life I never realized
I followed my own lunar cycle.
Then slowly... I started putting
together the "full" picture.
True confession
I'm a nail biter and picker. Frankly it is a disgusting habit that I've spent most of my life trying to battle. Ultimately I've given up and embraced that it's part of my DNA - something that I can't combat no matter how strong I think my will power is. What's even odder is that I can track the moon's patterns by how and when I attack my thumbs. See? I told you it was disgusting!
Rise and shine
For whatever reason it suddenly
just happens. You see, I don't
track the moon's patterns or flow.
That said I do awake around two
or three a.m. every time there is
a full moon. Normally I sleep like
a log (and saw quite a few as I
snore). The only time I awake in
the wee hours is when there is a
full moon. And the only reason
I know that is that I always check
and BINGO, the night I'm awake
is always the start of a full moon!
Funny, isn't it?
If I'm honest, this is also the
time of the month when I've
been known to have intense
dreams. Last night my mind
was racing with the wildest
of night visions. A jumbled,
confused frenzy, I now can
remember little, but what
I do recall is dreaming with
an intensity that happens
only once a month. Hence
the fact that I couldn't sleep
a "full" night no matter what!
Snap out of it!
I wonder if anyone else is as equally
effected by the moon's force as I am.
Could be that I'm simply weird and
if so, I can embrace that. However...
something tells me that something
that is able to control the tides of
our oceans and that the ancients
worshipped must be more powerful
than we realize. Therefore I'm going
to chalk up my angst to something
totally out of my control. Whether
right or wrong, I prefer to go ahead
and take advantage of a good excuse!
The long and short of it
The winter solstice occurs on the
twenty first of  December. It is
the shortest day of the year and
pagans have danced this night
away since the beginning of time.
That's the reason that we celebrate
the holidays during this time frame.
Rather than sit depressed at home
in the dark, humans have gathered
together around a fire to cheer their
collective spirits since the beginning
of time. Proof that once again, the
moon moves us in mysterious ways.