Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Santa's List

One stop shop
Today Lewistown's busiest store is
Albertson's. Given it's the largest
grocery within one hundred miles,
everybody shops there. If they're
like me, they've forgotten an item
and have run back to get it. While
our burg is only just shy of about
six thousand strong, today most
of us will be lined up for a spot in
the parking lot or at the check out.
Out of order
This year everything is bit off.
Normally we host Christmas
Eve at our house and "B & S"
host Christmas Day. However
due to duel renovations, our
condo has the only functional
culinary facility.Hence tonight
we'll dine out and tomorrow
we'll dine in at our condo. All
will help and we'll have fun!
Against all odds
I've checked my gift list many
times and hope that I haven't
missed anything. My plan is
to avoid downtown if at all
possible. The streets will be
packed with procrastinators
searching for last minute gifts.
Miraculously these fools will
find the perfect gift for their
special someone without Santa!
Singular sensation
Often all the last minute fuss is
all about "self gifting". Wearing
the perfect Christmas ensemble
often usurps altruistic intentions.
Gambling that Santa will deliver
the perfect frock under the tree
is not a bet most are willing to
make. So they race last minute
to grab a perfectly festive frock.
End of the line
Ultimately the clock is ticking
and before you can say Santa,
it will be time to load up your
sleigh! Tonight it's time to end
the frenzy and finally focus on
what this season is truly about.
So step back, take a very deep
breath, calm down and join in
the celebration of God's gift!