Saturday, December 28, 2013

Here's a tip...

Hand it over
I'm glad the holidays are finally over.
All I've done is give, give, give! Well, actually all I've been doing is tip, tip, tip! Living in a Manhattan hi-rise is like residing in an ant hill or bee hive. Let me clarify, a very expensive bee hive. You see, one has to tip all of the worker bees during the holidays. By the time you drop a $100 here and $50 there... you can quickly become a very poor Santa.
Hello and goodbye
It's not like I don't appreciate what these
kind and friendly folk do for us daily.
Doormen (or Concierges) have one of
the most important roles. Often they're
the first to greet you in the morning and
the last to say good night before you hit
the hay. Their key role is as buffer to the
outside world. Protecting you from any
and all things strange or unwanted. In
reality, an apartment building wouldn't
feel like home without them. They're
the glue that keeps it together. In truth
a delicate buffer between us and them.
At your service
The Superintendent is the kingpin.
He keeps the machine humming and
makes sure you never have to worry
about anything breaking. His army of
handymen fix anything and everything.
If you have a bulb out, they're there in
an instant to turn you on. If you need
to hang a picture, they're lined up and
ready to help. Of course there is a give
and take to all relationships. You give,
and they take. All you have to do is
slip them some extra cash as you utter
thank you. Nothing comes for free.
Step on it
While I appreciate all of those ready
and willing to serve me, I'm frankly
a little sick of doling out my hard
earned cash. No matter what service
is rendered by whom, one must add
at least 25% in order to not insult. In
our taxis one can now pay via credit.
There are three convenient buttons
for adding a tip of 15, 20, or 30%!
Saying thanks couldn't be easier!
I'll have another
I do think it's important to reward
great performance. When you give
you get and I like being pampered.
Where ever I dine, I make sure that
those who serve me get their piece
of the pie. If they're happy then I'm
happy and nothing makes me more
satisfied than a Manhattan arriving
BEFORE I've ordered one. Service
is all about having a great memory
and I make sure they never forget
me. So take a tip from the roue...