Monday, December 30, 2013

Destination Winter Wonderland!

Can you dig it?
While last year it was fairly mild
in Montana for the holidays, this
year we've had some pretty low
temperatures and lots of snow.
While many grumble about how
to deal with the white stuff, I like
it. During these short days, the
bright light reflecting off the snow
brightens things up. Without it,
we'd be in the house, in the dark.
You're getting warmer
I know many of you fantasize
about escaping to some tropical
locale. In Lewistown many of
our snow birds escape to sunny
Arizona for the winter. I on the
other hand prefer to revel in all
of the beauty winter brings. Our
skies in Montana are crystal blue
with strong sunshine shining on
the mountains that surround us.
Opposites attract
It always makes me laugh that
many of my friends who live
in warmer climates "escape" far
north to the slopes to ski. Why
am I surprised given it seems
that we all crave what we don't
have? If one never experiences
the shifts each season brings,
how can one ever appreciate the
varied beauty each one offers?

Yin and yang
Why can't we just be happy
with what is naturally ours to
enjoy? That doesn't mean an
occasional escape is wrong.
A pop of sun and fun during
the late winter months can be
divine. The dichotomy of hot
versus cold can be thrilling!
When I was young my father
always froze a couple of snow
balls. One never knew when
suddenly Dad would pull one
out in the dead heat of summer!
Ice capades
Not everything about winter is pleasant. Shoveling snow or a spill on the ice can literally kill you. In Montana we often have dramatic shifts in winter weather. Warm sun and wind can melt the snow during the day, only to transform into black ice at night. There's only one way to handle that slippery slope...
Tread lightly and carry sand or salt!
Gotta go
Sitting at home and looking out
at the pure white snow is lovely.
However traveling in a blizzard
is not. During winter getting to
and from Lewistown is tough.
One must have patience as you
may spend a night in Denver
due to weather. Once I'm home
I know it was time well spent!