Friday, December 27, 2013

Seeing red?

Rude rouge
My friend "CA" has a charming pre-
war apartment on the upper east side.
Everything was classic with a bevy
of perfect bells and whistles. Her
"sunken" living room is lacquered
in a most glorious shade of quince.
However while beyond stunning,
it was ultimately repainted taupe.
Per it's owner "try living with that
color every night when you came
home from work." Proof that one
can have too much of a good thing.
Risky business
Red is certainly an over the top
hue. It's intensity seems to either
engage or enrage. Statistics show
that red automobiles are apt to
be in more accidents. Driven by
findings that show those who
purchase red vehicles are more
inclined to be extroverts. Who
knew red defined risk takers?
Apparently, RED MEANS GO!
Ruby Tuesday
The other night I attended a gala
at the Plaza with my friend "A".
As we climbed the marble stairs,
a elegant lady ahead wore a pair
of candy apple red pumps. She
paired them with a simple black
sheath for a striking combination.
Another lass unfortunately wore
scarlet head to toe appearing as
if ready to become Satan's bride.
Miss Scarlet
Since Hester Prynne, red has long
been a sign of ill repute. In Ethel's
day red was considered appropriate
for ladies considered inappropriate.
Who doesn't remember the scene
from the 1939 classic flick Jezebel?
Miss Julie (Bette Davis) wears ruby
red rather than virginal white to a
debutante ball and loses her man.
Red was not Bette's lucky color as
it only got worse when she caught
scarlet fever and lost her beauty in
Mrs. Skeffington!
Santa's fave
While at times red might be deemed
ill advised, once a year it's de rigeur.
All things rouge are essential during
the holidays. In the midst of a dreary
winter season, a scarlet pop surely
brightens the soul. Would we care
a naught about old Saint Nick if he
ran about town in black serge rather
than red velvet? I am able to tolerate
a bit of ruby for the few weeks of
the holiday season. However in a
day or two... everything red will be
boxed till next year. HO-HO-NO!