Thursday, December 26, 2013

Leftovers anyone?

The morning after
From Thanksgiving till yesterday,
the crescendo of momentum drove
us to the culmination of Christmas.
At times it seemed as if we were all
poised at the edge of the precipice.
However in reality it was over in
a nano second of gifts, food, and
eggnog. Today we awake like the
survivors of a nuclear holocaust -
wandering amongst the wreckage.
And in a moment, everything that
was once shiny and bright seems
as tarnished Brittany Spears.
Paper work 
How is it that neatly folded and
tied gift wrap can suddenly be
transformed into a pile of trash.
What was once pretty is now a
bothersome eyesore. Some burn
it in the hearth but cleaning out
the ashes is worse than hauling
it out to the curb. No matter how
you do end it, WRAP IT UP!
To err is to human
Mistakes happen and sadly
that often occurs under the
tree. Frank is a patient man
and has learned to strictly
follow my "suggestions".
He is truly a gifted gifter
and always makes sure
I'm not disappointed. At
times I've made mistakes
and being a gentleman,
dear Frank has gently led
me to the returns counter.
If he's happy... I'm happy.
The party's over
As you know I adore setting a
lovely table. However I abhor
putting it all away. Don't get me
wrong - there is nothing quite as
lovely as sharing fare with those
you care about. I am fortunate in
that several help after the fact.
Especially with my trinkets that
require hand washing. There is
no greater gift than doing dishes.
Repeat after me...
One tradition in Frank's family
is that we reconvene the night
after for a leftover feast. Even
if we've just spent the prior
evening together, this casual,
stress free recap is often more
fun than the main event. It's a
free for all where everybody
nibbles on whatever is left and
then we play cards. Nothing
could be better and this soiree
is truly my holiday favorite.
Double your pleasure!
Same time, next year
In the lazy days that follow we
return to normality. Slowly all
presents find new homes. And
before we know it our house
guests will depart and it's time
to take down the tree. That's
my job as it's only right that I
should pack it up given Frank
put it up. I actually packing
and storing our memories.
Further proof that even during
the busiest of times, partnership
makes everything easier.