Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Bewitched, bothered, & bewildered

Fully loaded
After weeks of back to back social
soirees, I've run out of clothing.
While many functions are black
tie, others are the loathsome
"festive cocktail". Initially I tried
my best to procure a new suave
ensemble each function. In the
end I had to give up given the
limited ready to wear options for
a man of my girth. You see, I'm
fairly certain there's little left in
my size I haven't tried on! The
fact is I've run out of choices!
Buttoned up
Fortunately winter is here in full
force and nobody is really looking
at what one wears on the street.
With several top coats, I'm able to
brave the elements. My challenge
is what happens inside. If I'm a
realist, reality is that most of my
fellow guests are so snockered by
the end of the evening that one
can bet they remember little. So
isn't it safe to assume that I really
don't have to worry that what I'm
wearing I already wore?
Armed and ready
I do wonder how the ladies do it.
You see, it's fairly easy to change
out a shirt or tie to freshen up a
grey suit. Plus there is nothing as
easy as a tux. Whereas the better
sex has to think about all of the
accoutrements that make a proper
impression. While the little black
dress still reigns supreme, every
girl wants to stand out from the
crowd. That requires a good eye
and most important, a large and
properly organized closet.
Strut you stuff
I often fret about how casual we've
become. Research shows that most
of us select what we wear based on
comfort, fit, and fashion. Therefore
why am I surprised to see a sea of
Lululemon at the airport? While I
once thought that looking good was
the key to feeling good, I now think
it has little to do with appearances
Rather it's all about how one feels.
Now I've found a way to solve my
wardrobe dilemna. I feel best when
I'm naked, so who needs clothes?