Wednesday, June 9, 2021


Frequent fliers
Some fool was the first to say "time flies when
you're having fun". A delusional fantasy at best
given the older one gets - the less time there is
left.  Which is anything but a happy thought.
As we age we're reminded that life's clock is
ticking. Hence we should make the most of
the time left. Often a bitch slap of reality will
drive one to do just that. Like escaping a near
death malady or losing one near and dear. In
theory reason enough to indulge every whim
in a quest to recapture youth. For example - 
I offer up two words? "Harley Davidson". So
why speed towards the inevitable dead end?
Time travelers
In theory we should be old enough to know
better. Yet that doesn't stop some men from
growing mutton chops, sporting a pony tail,
or donning leather chaps. Causing even the
straightest of men to be confused for some
gay rogue on his way to a leather bar. I find
no thrill in dentists masquerading as juvenile
delinquents. Especially when they're in their
late sixties. However assuming that time is
of the essence - who am I to judge? After all
in the end we all have to find our own glide
path to next. However somehow I'd rather
grow old and die in the Provence or Umbria.
Old enough to know better
Located across the street from the local gym -
I'm an innocent bystander to life's parade via
our store windows. Every day I watch locals
in search of youth. Including gentleman who
have gone to the dark side. As in hair color
a la Giuliani. A pathetic attempt to avoid the
inevitable. Which is in my opinion worse
than a comb over. Hence I question whether
fighting fate is worth the time and effort. 
After all the older one gets - the wiser. So
why not act like it. Celebrate all that you've
achieved. And please - stop pretending that
you're something you're not! GROW UP!