Friday, June 11, 2021


Times up?
I admit I'm rather overwhelmed. Throughout
life I've always been a rather adept juggler.
Somehow able to handle almost everything
and anything that came my way. Hence reality
never hit. Nor did I slow down. Even if mired
in the muck of an ever evolving life. That is
intil now. Suddenly I find that I can't keep my
head above water. Staying afloat is to be kind
challenging at best. Which makes me wonder.
Have I finally lost it? Or have I simply reached
a point of no return. One where my only option
is to raise my hands in surrender. And therefore
accept that I'm not up to the challenge?
What's old is new
Whoever said that youth is wasted on the young
was right. In my younger and more vulnerable
years I didn't know how to say no. Thus I simply
embraced whatever thrown upon my proverbial
plate. Between building a career, raising kids,
and paying the bills there was little time to fret.
Yet somehow I survived. Even if I wasn't always
at my best. While age brings wisdom one tends
to get tired much more easily. While I benefit
from prior experience, I'm somehow less apt to
'willingly embrace a challenge. Instead I find
myself muttering "why me?!" Or... why now?
Have I lost track of time or fallen off the track?
Better late than never?
Take today. Suddenly it was four o'clock in the
afternoon. And I'd yet to sit down and write my
blog. If pressed I could provide a myriad of 
weak excuses. However in reality I just lost it.
Control that is. And in the process forgot about
this task at hand. Beyond a bruised ego I am a
bit shaken the late arrival of this daily missive.
In part because I honestly have no excuse for
said delay Except to admit that I'm not the man
I used to be. Which might not be a bad thing.
In the past I was often in a rush to get things
done. And you know what they say about fools
rushing in... the devil's in the details!