Wednesday, June 2, 2021


Exit strategy
We all reach our point of no return. When
depends on the individual. The reasons why
being personal in nature. Yet finally if one
is confronted by inexplicable defeat they
surrender. Which is why some of us simply
disappear. Leaving a life as we know it for
something - anything different. And it's the
finality of such an emotional and physical
departure that sets one reeling. If job related -
all one has to do is quit. However when love
is involved - cutting the ties that bind us to
another is much harder. Thus many people
make do rather than suffer the consequences.
Common sense
Today a total stranger shared her secret with
me. Which is that she's had enough. Having
reached that conclusion post looking across
the table one evening. And realizing that she
and her husband of thirty five years had nada
in common. Along with the fact that over the
past decade they'd basically led separate lives.
Therefore what did she have to lose by literally
leaving town? So that is exactly what she was
doing.  Taking nothing with her except pride
in knowing that she'd finally put an end to their
exercise in futility. Hence while terrified and
sad - she finally has hope. It's almost over.
Hear and now
If we're all honest we've all been there - done
that. Fortunately in most cases we moved on
to find a better place. However, wherever, and
whenever was best for us. While nirvana is a
dream, finding one's sweet spot can be a reality.
There was a time when I thought I'd never be
happy. Then a handsome stranger changed my
life for the better. So whatever you do - never
lose hope. The only thing holding you back is
you - yourself. So rather than accept less - grab
more while you still have a chance. In the end
if you don't - then you've no one to blame but
yourself. So do something about it. NOW.