Thursday, June 10, 2021

Summertime when the livin' is easy

All clear?
After over a year of isolation we're all coming
out of our shells. Thus post Covid vaccination
America seems to be having a national reunion
of sorts. As of now we have NO new Covid 19
cases here in Fergus County. One active case.
However Montana's vaccination rate is low at
only 40% fully protected. Thus while it seems
we're out of the viral woods - part of me still
worries whether we're vulnerable. Naysayers
aside, five hundred and ninety eight thousand
Americans have died due to Covid 19 so far.
And I'd like to avoid adding to that number.
So can we safely resume life as we knew it?
Face time
Most if not all of us are throwing caution to the
wind. Along with discarding our masks. Today
the Times posted a series of images including
the one above.  Chronicling America's return
to normalcy. That's all any of us want. To live
without fear. Enjoy each other's company. And
go on with life as we've known it. Ultimately
the last year's precautions will be but a blip in
our stream of consciousness. A distant memory
of a crisis avoided. Therefore unless you've lost
someone you know and love, it seems like it all
really wasn't that a big deal. Even if it was. And
so we move on to enjoy our newfound freedom.
Back to the future
Yet it was a global crisis. The virus killed
millions and is still rampant in parts of
the world. Political arguments aside our
combined precautions enabled most of us
to avoid what seemed inevitable. Allowing
us to return to normal behavior as versus
stilted survival tactics. Hence given I'm fully
vaccinated I'm hoping for the best. Even as
I still worry about my grandchildren who as
of yet are ineligible for said shot in the arm.
In the meantime doing what comes naturally.
Hosting dinners. Dining out. And grateful to
do just that. Normal is absolutely pure bliss!