Tuesday, June 15, 2021


How dumb is that?
Nothing is more insulting than being deemed
ignorant. Or worse stupid. Then there is the
slur of being termed dumb. The assumption
being that a fool has a knowledge deficit. Or
some natural propensity to avoid illumination. 
Which drives some to take advantage of those
they deem dumb or dumber. However naiveté
often usurps true mental ineptitude. Reason
enough for environmental abusers to locate
their destructive forces in very isolated places.
Assuming their victims have no idea of how
such a threat might impact their future health
and happiness. So is ignorance truly bliss?!
Misery loves company
When it comes to the Trump presidency we're
slowly finding that what we thought might be
happening was. Revelation after revelation
indicates a disdain for historical precedence.
Along with the willingness to break whatever
law was in their way. Leveraging the sacred
power of our democracy to investigate their
enemies. All as they secretly negotiated and
partnered with our enemies. Which bodes the
question - "did they think we're that stupid?"
Honestly, whether one is considered blue or
red, conservative or liberal, Democrat or 
Republican, most American are not dumb.
Ignorance ain't bliss
Intellect aside, there is a method to any such
madness. Hence some of our leaders prefer
that we ignore facts. Throwing up a veil of
smoke and mirrors. The purpose of which is
to keep us in the dark. Assuming Americans
are ignorant, lazy, or completely jaded. But
is that true? Are we really that dumb? Or will
we ultimately come to our senses? Realizing
that the truth will set this great nation free. 
Foolishness only deters our ability to invest
in our future. Smart enough to know better -
we must hold those accountable for crimes
against democracy. So why play dumb?