Tuesday, June 8, 2021


Chain reaction
I'm on Facebook everyday. In that I post the
daily blog on there. Yet I rarely scroll down
and catch up on the news. So this morning
I did just that. Finding a few surprises along
the way. Pictures of happy children who are
growing up so quickly. Trophy shots of lush
gardens. Birthday celebrations. Best friends
having the best times. Proclamations of love.
Weddings. Anniversaries. And then suddenly
a political slam against the Obamas. Which
sadly "canceled" all the feel good feelings
experienced thus far. Not only was said post
offensive, it was beyond disappointing. 
Social insecurity
Why are so many filled with anger, hostility,
and resentment? More important - why do
we feel it's necessary to punish our friends
and family by publicly spewing such vitriol?
In the old days everybody just avoided the
inevitable. Walking another way rather than
facing their enemies. Quietly working things
out in private. Or even better yet - keeping
things in context. Now everything is a crisis.
An affront to our rights. Courtesy has been
labeled political correctness. Kindness is
deemed proof that one is weak. And being
polite is considered "snooty". 
Golden opportunity

At some point we all have to back off. And
show some consideration for others. This
deep state of hyper aggression is not only
exhausting... its disrespectful. A violation
of the golden rule. Said disruption's have
one purpose. Which is to make everyone
miserable. It's time to be kinder and gentler.
Not bitter and ballistic. To offer up a sunny
smile versus a snarky smirk. And to treat
each other as we want to be treated. That's
the ultimate manifestation of equality. A
place where we can live happily ever after.
Whether we like each other or... not.