Wednesday, June 16, 2021


It's a grand old flag
My father fought in World War Two. A proud
patriot he daily hung the stars and stripes in
front of the house. Plus it didn't hurt that said
Americana matched with my Mother's colonial
decor. Hence I was taught that our nation's flag
was something to honor, respect, and protect.
Last Saturday we watched as members of our
Navy presented a flag to a grieving family at
Frank's uncle's burial. A fitting tribute to his
service to our country. Again a symbol of all
that makes America great. Yet sadly within the
last year flying a flag has come to represent
discord rather than unity.
False pretenses
A few days ago my sister-in-law came upon
the flag shown above whilst on a bike ride.
Said banner is not only is a shameful display
of disrespect. But an offense given it hung
above our nation's flag. NO wonder I have
come to view many flag bearers as suspect
at best. Possibly because disenfranchised
losers have hijacked our mantle of freedom.
And in doing so have tainted said symbol
of democracy as theirs alone. So help me. 
Exactly when did our flag become a brand
logo for one man alone? Trumping the rest
of America in their quest to usurp equality.
Warning flags
Our collective American dream is based on
equal opportunity. Freedom of speech being
the right of every citizen of this great nation.
However profanity is NOT patriotic. While
we've a right to our opinion - the purposeful
disrespect of our fellow citizens and leaders
is wrong. Hence such flags are more than
assaults on our senses. They are symbols of
the tenuous state of our union. Proof of what
separates rather than unites this great land. 
Therefore we must consider such fabric slurs
to be banner cries. Motivating us to reclaim
our flag and dignity. Before it waves away...