Friday, June 4, 2021


Back at you

Everything the one reads on social media isn't
necessarily true. Everybody has their opinion.
All of us see things from our own perspective.
Plus memory itself is if nothing else rather
a selective process. Hence hindsight is rarely
20/20. The fact is it's dramatically skewed
depending on one's recollection of who, what,
when, why, and where. Just one of the reasons
why it's important to not jump to conclusions.
But rather to step back and do your homework
prior to drawing a line in the sand. Part of said
discovery process is putting together the pieces.
Including all of the missing ones.
Now and then
Long ago I fell ill whenever my parents visited.
Somehow said encounters conjured up all sorts
of bad mojo which tainted any reunion. Slowly
I realized that said poison stemmed from things
long past. So I went to talk to a therapist who if
nothing else helped me connect the dots. Only
then did I realize that my perspective on many
events was historical. That of a child who often
was purposefully or emotionally shielded from
reality. So I decided to act like an adult. And sat
down with my parents to talk about all that was
bothering me. The end result of said fact finding
mission was redemptive release. PHEW!
Fact or friction?
You see, I didn't know the whole story. Hence
any anger I harbored was mostly the result of
limited visibility. Within hours they explained
everything that I didn't know. Their reasons,
motivations, and actions. Along with all others
involved.  Apologizing for any hurt they may
have unintentionally caused. And suddenly all
made sense. Everything that bothered me for
decades was in truth no big deal.  A lesson that
should also be applied to social and political
posts that taint our perception of reality. Some
research will lead you to the truth. A journey
guaranteed to take you to a much better place.