Tuesday, June 1, 2021


Tulsa, June 1, 1921
Today marks the 100th anniversary of the 
Tulsa Race Riot. Where a century ago a
white mob attacked the black community
of Greenwood. Murdering more than one
hundred. Burning down a thirty five block
prosperous black neighborhood known as
"The Negro Wall Street."  Post said acts
local African Americans got no retribution.
No white perpetrators were ever convicted.
No financial payback issued for property
or lives lost. Instead victims were forced to
act as if nothing had happened. Hence for
this event was Tulsa's hidden dirty secret.
Here today - gone tomorrow
It's hard enough to wrap your mind around
such devastation. Let alone the cruelty of
the acts themselves. Post two days of attacks
the neighborhood lay in ashes. Nothing left
of the unbelievable accomplishments black
citizens had achieved. Proof that society and
all of it's related systems cared nothing for
said minority. And to this day reject any idea
of compensation to victims and descendants.
However what is even worse is that selective
memory erased the legacy of this event. Until
finally, it's now on the record for perpetuity.
However what are we going to do about it?
Crimes against humanity
Many claim the Holocaust was nothing more
than a publicity stunt. Not only is such denial
repulsive, it is horrifically disrespectful to the
victims and their families. Thus while some
deny facts and claim bias - we can't escape our
truth. Prejudice, hate, and avarice is the root of
our evil. From 1882 and 1968 four thousand
seven hundred and forty three black Americans
were lynched by white citizens. Such evil was
rarely prosecuted. Hence murderers lived long
lives in communities where everybody acted
as if nothing happened. Is ignorance bliss?
When do we ALL finally atone for our sins?
It's time we faced reality
America has a long heritage of racism. From
our start African Americans were dragged to
these shores against their will. Enslaved for
generations. Deemed possessions - not people.
Post the Civil War - all efforts to succeed were
stymied by hash economic, social, and cultural
limitations. Thus black Ameicans who strove
forequality were abused, murdered, or shamed.
Even today - George Floyd's murder is proof
that prejudice kills. Yet some still question the
need to say "Black Lives Matter." As if all of
our sins against humanity didn't exist. When
will we accept our guilt and eradicate racism?