Thursday, June 3, 2021


Lost and found
While named the treasure state - Montana is
a land of extremes. Where the weather rarely
is predictable. Hence one of the more popular
topic of conversation. As you may recall just
over a week ago we had a lot of snow. Along
with temperatures below thirty. Whereas now
we're in the mid eighties. Providing perfect
fodder for those ready to complain at will. 
Hence post grousing about the cold weather
they now claim heat stroke. Causing one to
consider reminding them that it could in fact
be worse. As in hail. Or a random blizzard.
Who knows? It's happened before!
Running on empty?
Some of us are never happy no matter what the
circumstances. However in a place like this it's
hard to predict what happens next. Especially
if you're a rancher. One day you're facing too
much rain - then next drought. Therefore most
locals are skeptical at best. Preferring to hedge
their bets conservatively rather than risk losing
it all. Currently Lewistown is in the midst of
a bit of a boom. With little real estate available
we are now seeing bidding wars. A phenomena
nobody would have predicted a year ago. Yet
many worry and warn that this soon shall pass.
Better safe than sorry. Half empty not full.
What's old is new again
Now that we're on Main Street I meet all sorts
of folks. Amongst them recent transplants or
those considering moving to this amazing burg.
Filled with optimism they have yet to become
jaded. However ignorance an't bliss. Thus even
if it takes a few years they'll learn to not plant
their tomatoes until after Memorial Day. In the
meantime Let's hope that such naive optimism
is infectious. At least enough so as to convince
our community that the best just might be here.
And that naysayers aside - it's real. Of course
it could all fade away. But boom or bust this is
going to be one hell of a ride. YEE HAW!