Monday, October 21, 2019


Hang on
There are times when all of us hang
on for dear life. Many things prompt
our flirt with danger - but none seem
worth risking all that is good. One
must look before you leap. Rethink,
review, and re assess. Nothing is ever
as bad as we think it is. And almost
always, good comes out of bad. Yet
it's rather hard to not give into one's
darker side. In fact, some of us revel
in the very pit we dig for ourselves.
Drama aside, is whatever thrill one
gets worth screwing things up?
Lighten up
This time of year throws me into a funk.
The days are shorter and the darkness
impedes my ability to see things straight.
It's easy to give into what some might
call depression. Whether one embraces
the concept of chemical imbalance or
not, the fact is we're impacted by natural
forces. For me the full moon is a major
distraction. Suddenly I'm biting my nails
and snapping at Frank. This lasts a few
days and disappears with the moon. But
whatever ails me - a pill or shrink isn't
the answer. I have to find my own light.
Get back on track
Natural phenomena aside, I believe
everyone has a choice. Whatever
track one opts to take - we decide
whether we're a beleagured victim
of circumstances or a victor against
all odds. There's little that is as self
indulgent as being the underdog.
While self flagellation may appeal
to some, wallowing in the muck will
not make things any better. With the
best of intentions, nobody can save
us. The only way to alter the course
of one's life is a change of attitude.
Step aside
Part of overcoming life's obstacles
is acknowledging that we can only
control how we react to them. Now
don't get me wrong - some of us
create our own hell by indecision,
procrastination, or other reckless
acts of weakness. Yet most of the
time, a pile of shit suddenly drops
on us. "Happy" types dig their way
out as positively as possible. While
moody mopes moan and wallow in
the pit until finally they have to do
something - anything to get out.
Let it roar
The key is to break the pattern. Shift
oneself out of your self induced hell.
Today I'm going to windex, wax, and
dust myself out of my funk. Later on
I'll make dinner. Is any of this really
going to change my life's momentum?
I doubt it. However it may add some
sparkle to my rather hum drum day.
The only one who's going to shift the
balance towards the positive is you!
Soon the holidays will be upon us.
And I can't think of a better antidote
to malaise than a flurry of activity.