Tuesday, October 22, 2019


Broken promise
On Friday our dishwasher was finally repaired.
A big relief post a month plus sans the modern
convenience. While doing the dishes wasn't the
most horrific of tasks it brought back the reality
of "dish pan hands." And reminded both of us
that we should take nothing for granted. Even
those every day helpers. The fact is many of the
most amazing inventions have become "rote"
during my brief time here on earth. Hence we
quickly forget how beneficial they are. Nor how
much they truly improve our lives for the better.
Confirmation of just how much harder the daily
grind was only a few years ago.
On-line messaging
Fortunately humans can readily adapt to new
technology. During our parent's youth phones
were quickly embraced. However as a boy we
shared a party line. Which meant that multiple
folks used the same mode of transmission. Our
one and only rotary dial phone sat in a the hall
on a shelf in a small built-in alcove. Later on
we got fancy and added an avocado phone in
the kitchen and a blue "princess" model in the
master bedroom. Soon they were  push button.
Then the "Ma Bell" monopoly was dismantled.
Next I owned one of the first mobile phones.
Now everybody has one. We're all connected.
More or less?
Yet oddly for all of those changes and more
our monthly phone bills are still high. Proving
that communication continues to be our top
priority. Long ago radio ruled the airwaves.
Next came television. Then cable. Next VCR's
and home video accouterments. Today we can
watch "TV" on our computers and I-phones.
However while our choices have grown from
a dozen to hundreds of stations we still yelp
that we've nothing to watch. Proving that one
can have too much of a good thing. Or... with
the plethora of mediocre to bad programming
cause us to tune out?
Off to a good start
Modernity has its benefits. However as with all
things one must maintain control. Thus we still
have a choice. No matter how intrusive our many
"conveniences" may be we can opt t to them on...
or off. All that's required is the ability to manage
our options. And ask ourselves whether we truly
need everything that's ready or waiting to "help"
us. One might argue that something is missing
from our modern milieu. Which is peace of mind.
Sometimes we all have to chill. To quietly clear
our heads. And in said process refocus on what's
important to us. When did you last flip a switch?
Maybe it's time that you turn off and opt out!