Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Environmental concerns
Everyday I make this world a worst place. Here
in central Montana recycling is minimal at best.
Even as a dedicated group of volunteers runs a
plastic recycling program. Their challenge being
that they can only process a tiny portion of our
plastic waste. Hence our small household of two
still adds quite a bit to the mound of debris that
will never go away. The question is how do we
end this madness? Are corporations standing in
the way of preserving this earth for our children
and their offspring? Or is it simply ample proof
that we are too lazy to do the right thing. When
will it stop? Are we perpetual plastic pawns?
Smoke screens
While I'm not a proponent of dark conspiracy
theories I'm certain greed corrupts. Money is
power hence those in control want more. Thus
we've allowed this democracy to be controlled
by a finite minority of ultra wealthy egoists.
All of whom pull our strings from behind the
scenes. Insuring that everything is skewed to
their advantage. Which may be why the Trump
administration has been quietly dismantling all
environmental laws. Their preference being
short term gain versus long term investment.
Do we really think our health and happiness
should be all about them? And at our expense?
Poison pills
Are we so easily bought? For years I haunted
the Sackler wing at the Metropolitan Museum
of Art. Completely unaware that their largesse
was fueled by their role in the pharmaceutical
industry. When you have that much cash and
power your perspective gets skewed. Or you
get lazy and don't pay attention to how your
money is flowing in. Whatever their excuse,
I find it shocking that they can freely offer up.
easy tradeoff to exit a tsunami of valid cases
against them for the creation, marketing, and
aggressive distribution of addictive Oxytocin.
Due process
When will we hold each other responsible?
While Felicity Huffman only got fourteen
days in jail she was publicly humiliated. So
what about those who manipulate our world
to their advantage? Are they culpable for
wrongs that benefit them? Are their crimes
so vast that nobody can do anything about
them? At some point we all have to take
responsibility for our world at large. Which
means doing what's BEST for ALL not the
chosen few. What is stopping us for working
on solutions that improve our common good?
Why can't we force them to do just that?