Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Come and get it
Growing up in the northeast I became
accustomed a local phenomena better
known as the "diner." Coffee shops,
greasy spoons, and other culinary hole
in the walls aside - diners are survivors
whose tenuous existence seem now to
be limited to mostly urban locations.
Personally, they're all Greek to me.
As most that I've adored were run by
those of Greek extraction. Pastitsio,
souvlaki, and roast lamb were always
on the menu. Day or night you were
certain to get a good hot meal - cheap!
Gone but not forgotten
There's little as comforting as the
knowledge that comfort food is
ready and waiting 24/7. Yet sadly,
that's not the case in Lewistown.
For years we dined at the Empire
Cafe. Everything dished out was
close to homemade including any
waitress diatribe.  The daily deal
never hit above ten bucks which
included soup or salad bar, entree,
dessert and coffee or tea. Maybe
that's the reason they finally went
out of business. Check please!
Just like mother made
There are still a few places where
one can grab a decent meal. But
we lack a locale for a true diner
dinner.  Oddly most remind me of
my mother's kitchen in the wrong
way. Obviously everything comes
out of a can or package including
the gravy. Most edibles are either
deep fried or cooked far beyond
recognition. And don't even try to
ask for a rare burger. Any slab they
slap on your bun was just recently
petrified in a subzero food factory.
Supper club
Who knew that nirvana was waiting
diwb the road less traveled? Now our
culinary pursuits must turn a corner
as in Eddie's. This truck stop with a
motel, camp ground, barber, laundry,
showers, food store, gas station, and
cafe sits where 87 and 191 meet. Near
Moore (pop. 191), many Lewistown
locals feel the grub is worth a drive.
Anything in order to get a "home
cooked" meal, several deviled eggs,
and some pie. Plus a beer or cocktail
and gambling before we drive home.
Home cookin' to go
It seems that our dreams may be coming true.
For months teams of workers have been slowly
transforming 111 W Main Street. Recently new
signs were installed in the windows touting the
"406 Cafe". A google search found a website
for said venture. Offering a varied menu of
breakfast, lunch and dinner options. Along
with claiming that the new 406 Cafe has been
voted "Best restaurant in Montana." Given it's
doors have yet to open, this writer hopes said
fantasy becomes a reality. And that soon Frank
and I can walk downtown for a meatloaf dinner!
All good things come to those who wait...