Saturday, September 21, 2019


A time to chill
It would be so easy to be depressed. While
children and friends call to complain about
the heat central Montana is cold and rainy.
Or to be honest... GLOOMY. Causing this
writer to wonder where summer went. Yet
even while chilled to the bone it could be
much worse. In Washington whistles blow
as the White House tries to silence them.
One wonders if maybe what goes around is
finally coming around for Mr. Trump. Then
again, nothing ever seems to change. Which
means the odds of him getting out continue
to be in his... NOT our favor.
Out of the ordinary
As the local ranchers and farmers know all too
well Mother Nature is not her usual self. As
global warming heats things up, it's unwanted
moisture has delayed harvest. Causing them to
chill on their heels. Add tariffs that limit their
selling options. Thus their outlook is definitely
gloomy. Could it be that the world is against
us? Or are we simply amidst a negative cycle?
In reality, nothing always comes our way. Life
is an endless cycle of boom or bust. Hence it's
best to savor both the good and the bad when
they arrive for a short or extended stay. thus
given we can't control anything it is what it is.
Cruise control
Why can't I just let go - let God? Rationally
I'm fully aware that there is little I can do to
change destiny. Yet irrationally all I want is
for things to finally go my way. The question
is which way is right? When facing a fork in
the road - either option gets you somewhere.
Therefore why worry? If I've learned anything
it's that everything will be OK. All that I have
to do is patiently enjoy the ride. And hope for
the best. However this world is a rather scary
place. Between random shootings, politics,
and the stock market's ebb and flow it's hard
to believe that all is good. And yet it is.
Enlighten up
Come what may life comes and goes. Thus by
the weekend the weather will warm up here in
Lewistown. In a few weeks, Indian summer
will bring the most lovely days of autumn.
Democratic candidates will come and go. The
presidential election will put someone in office.
And years from now Donald Trump will be but
a washed up has been. All of those fools who
did his bidding may end up in jail. And those
who put him in the White House will move on
to some other charlatan. Proof that in the end
we all end up exactly where we're supposed
to be. Wherever that is. Imagine that...