Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Never ending process
All of us are constantly evolving creatures.
Whether willing or not is the only question.
While many lead quite sedentary existences
evolution is one of the few things that we all
have in common. Life being a never ending
process of change, each of us adapts in our
own way. Some fight the inevitable whereas
others welcome all things "new". The only
constant being that we're all actually quite
facile. Meaning that somehow no matter the
challenge we handle it. And in said process
inevitably become further educated in the art
of life itself. Hence the older... the wiser.
Two for the road
A creature of habit I abhor the unexpected.
Yet life still drags one along to places we
never knew existed. Looking back on my
time here on earth nothing is ever the same.
For many the only thing we can rely on is
the one we share said journey with. Thus
Frank has patiently accompanied me on
a series of ups and downs for over twenty
four years. His solid resolve, wisdom, and
infinite forgiveness enabling me to adapt
to whatever came our way. A circuitous
process at best, but ultimately well worth
our time and effort. Whither thou goest...
Graduate course
My one constant is that no matter what I've
learned something new. For me said adult
education only makes me a better man. If
nothing else post time this earth we all gain
a sense of reality. Human nature is what it
is. Hence like it or not, we already know
what to expect from our fellow travelers.
Both the good, bad, and ugly. All of which
guarantees that we're rarely surprised. And
yet extremes on either end of the spectrum
still amaze me. Just when one assumes there
is no good in this world, a blessing arrives.
Or an unexpected tsunami of shit.
What a waste
Either way, there is a benefit to everything.
Good times remind us of exactly why life is
worth living. Whereas hard times not only
strengthen our resolve. We end up stronger,
wiser, and better for it. The only negative in
said collective process being that our time
here on earth is all too short. Thus one may
assume all of our hard earned wisdom is
ultimately worthless given its thrown away.
However I'm not so sure. Does each of our
life experiences add up to nothing? Or are
we ourselves part of an endless process of
recycling. Of endless repeat engagement.
Full circle
Call me mad, nuts, or delusional. I cannot
accept said short term strategy. While not
a confirmed believer in reincarnation, I've
had more than my share of deja vu. Could
it be that each and everyone of us has been
there... done that in some way, shape, or
form prior? If I've learned anything it's how
little I actually know. Therefore part of me
thinks that we're but cogs in the continuum
of life's perpetual spin cycle. So do we all
get a second, third, or hundredth chance?
All of which insures that some where, some
time, some place we'll figure life out.