Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Frequent shopper
Once there was nothing I loved more than
shopping. Which was easy as the world's
most innovative emporiums were close to
home. All offering a unique array of  items,
services, and accoutrements. Shopping was
more than simply making a purchase. It was
a total sensory experience. From dazzling
windows to doormen to soaring grand halls
to restaurants to things I'd never seen prior
to the special bag I carried my treasure home
in. Each and every element designed to not
only create memories but fuel repeat visits.
No wonder I couldn't get enough of it.

Dreams come true
In the past every city offered a range of retailers
who served their customers with distinction. The
local department store being more than simply a
place of procurement. All were considered to be
sources of community pride. Major destinations
for miles around. And also beloved partners who
helped generations enhance their lives. Hence
from cradle to grave, local retailers offered all
sorts of options to help make our lives better.
Teaching us how to set a table, decorate a home,
or simply put together an outfit for some special
occasion. Providing a depth of added value that
made each purchase well worth the investment.

Now or never
Sadly, all of that is gone. In our modern world
of instant digital gratification everybody has
immediate access to whatever they want. Our
challenge is knowing what it is. When it comes
to basic replenishment nothing is easier. Hence
on most days trucks laden with Amazon orders
deliver everything from toilet paper to black
slacks to homes across America. The problem
is that beyond the familiar, we've no idea of all
that is out there. Thus while many millennial
brides purchase their bridal gown on-line, who
knows what they missed? Did they say yes to
the best dress? Is easy always the best choice?

Nice and easy?
In my opinion we've dumbed down to a point
of no return. Hence with few exceptions most
are perfectly happy with the status quo. Rather
than tailor our choices to our individual needs
we buy whatever has been rated most popular.
Instead of discovering something we never
knew about we happily stock our coffers with
the tried and true. A not only boring phenomena
but one which I might suggest is pathetic. Few
push the envelope anymore. Instead we take the
easy way out and push the button. Which not
only limits our options, but makes this world
a rather mediocre place. Why compromise?

Lowest common denominator?
When was the last time you were surprised?
How long has it been since you saw, did, or
purchased something new? Who, what, when,
or where inspires you? Are you happy with
the status quo? Willing to freely compromise
for convenience alone? Not a day passes that
some customer doesn't walk into C+V HOME
and says "Such lovely things but I have dogs."
Is it better to pamper one's pups than seat your
family and friends dinner at a beautiful table?
Or is the demise of retail proof that most of
us want little more than a big recliner, some
comfy sweats, a bag of chips, and free cable?