Thursday, December 6, 2018


Much ado about nothing
If there's one thing I loathe it's leftovers.
Post several days of guiltily consuming
post dinner party flotsam and jetsam I'm
more than over recycling. And all due to
my inability to properly manage portions
thus I'm doomed to eternal punishment.
The fact is that like last season's frock,
one should be free to discard all relics of
the past including leftovers. And while to
some that seems wasteful, I frankly don't
give a damn. After all being forced to eat
the same meal for days post repast won't
save the world. Or will it?
What goes around...
At this point I must stop, pause, and
acknowledge that yes, most of us have
more than we could possibly ever need.
And yes, many nearby are hungry and
some may actually be starving. Yet in
my experience no matter how dire one's
straights - few want to deal with or eat
anybody else's leftovers. Hmm... just
writing that is offensive isn't it? The
fact is our society just may be one of
the most wasteful ever. Especially in
relationship to proper stewardship of
foodstuffs. So why can't I do my part?
True or false?
The fact is that it's rare that Frank and
I don't consume whatever we've been
blessed to receive. Our only challenge
is the occasional time when we simply
can't beat the clock and mold ensues.
Of course I bitch and moan but honestly,
we're pretty good stewards of this land's
bounty. My favorite breakfast is cold
pasta or mashed potatoes. And often
our lunch is the reheated remains of a
prior day. So in reality, we eat leftovers
on an almost daily basis. Thus this man
rejects the concept in theory not reality.
Another man's trash...
As I've mentioned before, I try my best to
cook like the French. That's because they
waste absolutely NOTHING. By now you
must have heard me wax eloquently about
my beef and chicken stock. All created of
nothing more than scraps and "garbage."
I save every onion and carrot top, bottom,
peel. Same goes for celery and even those
leafless parsley stalks. Add every meat and
poultry bone, fat, skin, and trimming. ALL
go into a bag in my freezer and once full,
slowly simmer for hours to create stock.
If that isn't frugal... I don't know what is!
Pie squared
The above is more than proof that we
prefer to use what we've got. Yet why
can't I freely embrace the very concept
of "leftovers"?! Whenever I roast some
chicken or braise a beef - I make sure
that I prepare more than enough. Said
debris quickly becomes fodder for
something new with added ingredients.
Hence I'm famous for my chicken pot
and shepherd's pies. Come to think of
it - I've no issue with devouring anything
post transformation. My phobia seems to
simply be that - a delusion - not reality.
Fair share
You see, we rarely throw out anything
that can possibly be eaten. Stale bread
heels quickly become bread crumbs.
Forgotten cheese scraps are soon the
basis for some savory Mac & Cheese.
Anything not edible but natural always
ends up in the compost. So while this
gentleman doth protest too much - I'm
not that bad a steward of edibles. How
about you? Is your reuse of theoretical
refuse more than the occasional doggie
bag? Are you leveraging every bit of
your fair share? Waste not, want not!