Friday, December 21, 2018


Barely there
As the big day looms next Tuesday, most of us are
scurrying around like a bunch of time pressed elves.
Doing our best to finish our shopping, wrap things
up, and get ready to feed the family. Part of me is
not worried at all. The balance terrified. Not that
I won't get it all done. But rather that I've somehow
let my standards slip somewhere between my youth
and what should be my "golden years." Leaving me
to ask myself - am I a hypocrite or simply a Santa
who finally found his groove?! Which causes me to
wonder if the ultimate best gift is being comfortable
in one's own skin. Given I've survived more than
my share of challenging holidays - IT ENDS NOW!
Post surrender
Despite years of lecturing to you via this blog,
I am not sending out Christmas cards. In part
because at this point I  am opting to embrace
defeat rather than win my self-imposed battle
all too late. For weeks jotting you a line has
been a top priority. However said task moved
down the list post being usurped by in theory
more timely matters. Now, even if I had the
time to write you wouldn't get it until too late
next week. So please accept my apologies and
heartfelt season's greetings. And know that I
truly appreciate, treasure, and enjoy each and
ever one of you who took the time to write.
No gifts please 
Fortunately Frank and I have agreed to exchange
NO gifts this year. However knowing him well -
something special may still be slipped into my
stocking. Meanwhile given we're far from many
of our loved ones, gifts or checks have been sent.
In addition today is my eldest grand daughter's
thirteenth birthday. And if I've learned anything
over the years, it's better to let teenagers do their
own shopping! The sad fact is we're all growing
older. And while some may accuse me of being
Scrooge - I'm quite happy to be done with that
phase in life when one had to be up to three a.m.
doing Santa's dirty work. As of now it's a wrap!
Basic instinct
The week prior we hung out our garland and
wreaths so at least out front we've decked the
halls. Last weekend we put up the tree and
fortunately no one was hurt in the process.
Outside I've got a bevy of boughs waiting to
be brought in side for our mantel and various
other surfaces. But given we keep the house
as warm as a nursing home, I'm waiting until
Monday to spread their joy. Across the board
we're trying to keep things simple. Thus our
holiday 2018 motto is "less is more." Mostly
because the very idea of cleaning up a mess
has limited any desire to go over the top.
Set up for...
The good news is that Christmas dinner is
planned. Given we live out in the boonies
the main course has been ordered from our
butcher. In addition, I've roughly mapped
out a strategy for the table. The dishes and
glassware have already been selected. My
only challenge being the center of attention.
This year I plan to do something fruity (not
gay but of the natural variety). My challenge
being my inability to commit to what I will
finally execute. Ultimately it will all  be fine.
That is unless our green grocer runs out of
the necessary elements. Better get shopping!
Season meetings
In the end I hope that our process of elimination
will bring us back to the reason for the season.
Which is to celebrate the greatest gift of all -
LOVE. I'd be disingenuous is I didn't admit that
twenty eighteen was a challenging year. One in
which this old dog has learned more than his not
so fare share of new tricks. Yet somehow, in the
end it has brought me to a better place. Where at
least in theory my shifted perspective has shown
me the light. Thus while we will celebrate this
season sans some accoutrements - they will be
replaced by fun, love, and a Manhattan or three!
Proving that less is more and more and more...