Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A tree that's known by its fruits...

Balsam Born
As a child we always had a fresh
tree. There's nothing like the feel
and scent of fragrant pine. Who
knew that "fresh" trees were cut
and shipped MONTHS prior to
finding a home in one's abode?!
No wonder they're dry even if
frequently hydrated. Fortunately
in Montana we can cut down our
own a day before we need it!
Faux Firs
Nothing is forever. At some point
my mother the traditionalist went
artificial. Not one of those brushy
pipe cleaner types of those days
but an Italian import with tri-tone
needles set upon hand wrapped
branches. Soon she realized that
no matter how "real" it appeared,
there wasn't enough balsam spray
and candles to replicate the scent
of reality. So wisely my Mother
switched back and her faux flight
of fancy ended up out at the curb.
Juniper Jitters
To be honest I loathe Christmas
trees. My aversion is probably
due to decades in retail. Where
being responsible for decorating
thousands of thousands of trees
became tiresome. By the time
we finished (late October) the
last thing I wanted to do was go
home and put up my own. I just
couldn't! And to this day HATE!
Needlessly Needled
No wonder I avoided putting up
my own for years. Initially Frank
and I spent each Christmas apart.
Therefore we had no need for a
tree. All of that changed once we
bought our condo in Montana.
And slowly our family traditions
merged with my parents in tow.
Forcing us to go green whether
either of us wanted to or... NOT.
Prickly Pair
Initially Frank bravely bore the
brunt of responsibility for our
tannenbaum. Selecting, buying,
erecting, and decorating it all
by himself. However even the
best of men reaches a point of
no return. Hence this year he
demanded we do it together.
And somehow, against all odds
a miracle occurred on the corner
of Boulevard and Eighth. Our
tree went up without one of us
killing the other! HO-HO-HO!
Tannenbaum Tempest
As the mania of this merry month
gains momentum, both of us dream
of hiding away in a heathen haven.
Last year we left the accoutrements
of the season behind. Yet while I'd
love nothing more than to jingle my
bells on a beach we're staying home.
Which is if nothing else a lesson in
self-constraint. We're going to try
to do more with less including gifts.
Hoping to enjoy the season here
rather than there. The good news
is it will soon be over. I can't wait!