Wednesday, December 19, 2018


It's a wrap
Not a day passes - literally when I don't think
of dear friends and loved ones. That's because
I'm oft reminded of their love and largesse via
gifts that keep on giving. For me the gifts that
mean the most are often quite simple in nature,
with an elegant twist. Hence rather than adding
yet another box to the re-giftable closet I find
myself using certain presents on a daily basis.
Given the nearest Walmart, Target, or Dillards
are two hours away an array of "perfect" gifts
are still available locally. And... you don't have
to spend a fortune showing someone just how
special they are. Here are a few to consider...
Hit Grinder
Over three decades ago, my bestie "T" gave me
a coffee grinder. Since then not a morning has
passed that I don't think about her as I prepare
my caffeine rush. Meanwhile the coffee beans
themselves come courtesy of our dear friends
in Minneapolis who grow them down in Brazil.
Finally I pour said java into one of my lovely
"Frenchie" mugs. Given to me over the years
by daughters, friends, and family. All of the
above insures that I start EVERY DAY right.
With a gentle reminder that I'm loved by many.
And if that isn't the ultimate wake up call and
gift... then I don't know what is.
Throw in the towel
As many of you know, I have a problem. My
addiction to tabletop accoutrements led us to
build what Frank calls "Greg's great wall of
China." Many of those prettiest tidbits were
gifts from friends and family in the know.
However in the end even the best laid plans
must be washed up and put in their place.
And doing so with something pretty makes
what could be a daily drudgery an indulgence.
Over the years my sister-in-law "J" has given
us a plethora of lovely French jacquard towels.
Each of which prompts instant recall of her
kindness every time I dry my dishes or hands.
Clean up your act
Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us
occasionally get down and dirty. Which is why
we all must bathe or shower on a daily basis.
For me there is no better wake up call than a
bar of decadently fragrant French milled soap.
Thus every morning, I recall those who make
me stink by generously providing daily access
to my favorite bar - Caswell Massey's Jockey
Club soap. Said company has been helping
America keep things clean since seventeen
fifty two. And along with most of the thing
on my list, it's available in Lewistown at my
favorite shop Wild Iris - 415 W. Janeaux St.
Pass the time
In life one thing is certain which is that time is
fleeting. In our rush to get everything done in
a timely manner we forget that each and every
day is precious. And that our time here on earth
is limited at best. However as one ages, it gets
harder to keep things in context. Thus not a day
passes that I don't stop and wonder what day of
the week it is. That's where one of my favorite
gifts from Frank comes into play. Many years
ago he gave me a monthly calendar and stand
from Mrs. John L. Strong the posh Manhattan
engraver. Hence whenever I have to check the
date, I inevitably think of my beloved mate.
Lighten up
In these darkest days of the year one occasionally
needs to shed some light on the situation. Equally
important when the world at large stinks to high
heaven we all need to create a refuge from said
storm. Which is why there may be nothing more
comforting than a fabulously fragrant candle alit.
For me it not only warms my heart - but reminds
me of those who know me well enough to make
sure I can keep said home fires burning. Which
is why a candle is to me the perfect gift. So now
that you've got more than a few options to finish
off your list what are you waiting for! It's only
SIX days till Christmas. Time to HO-HO-GO!