Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Russell Chatham
Totally out of it
It's been almost two months since we closed
down our apartment in Manhattan. Since then
we've adjusted to the ebb and flow of life here
in rural Lewistown, Montana. Initially we were
consumed with getting our house in order. And
coordinating the opening of our new business -
C+V HOME in mid February. All in the midst
of what most have deemed a record breaking
winter for this area. Obviously, we've been in
transition. And yet... we've no doubt that we're
back where we belong. And slowly but surely
both Frank and I are on our way to getting back
into the groove. Or is it possibly... a rut?
Theodore Waddell

Polar opposites
Winter in Montana is both brutal and glorious.
It's challenging to function as the thermometer
hovers at double digits below zero. Meanwhile
as it snows for weeks on end. This winter has
been so bad that most local businesses have
suffered the consequences. One venerable shop
announcing it's closing post seventy one years
of serving our community. When deep in the
midst of such a challenging situation it's easy
to dream of swaying palms or tropical breezes.
Yet for this transplant, I long for yet another
Montana spring and summer. Which is certain
to be as always - PHENOMENAL.
James Bason

Terra firma
Unlike most locals, I chose to plant my feet
on this vast and at times cruel prairie. Given
I'm anything but an outdoorsman why am I
here? MAGNIFICENCE. Somehow for some
deep primal reason my heart and soul connects
with these open spaces. Hence I still get a thrill
when I drive down the hill into town. The big
sky and distant mountains speak to me at "gut"
level. In many ways I find the natural beauty
and scope of this place rather humbling. In that
within such a context, one can't help but know
that you're vulnerable at best. And thus should
be grateful for whatever you've got.
Bill Stockton

Where I belong
Living in what some consider the middle of
nowhere can be challenging. But the rewards
of a life under the big sky far outweighs any
liabilities. Eight week ago, Bergdorf Goodman
lay at the end of our block. Central Park a few
steps away. Barney's just a hop skip and jump.
However none of the above could surpass the
simple thrill of stepping out on my front porch
and breathing in the freshest air imaginable.
Nor the pleasure of hosting a family birthday
dinner in our home last night. Thus once again
I'm reminded of why we are where we are.
And most important of just how special it is.