Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Spring awakening
There is no doubt that spring is in the air.
Post weeks above freezing our three plus
feet of snow have melted away. Exposing
soil that's ready and waiting to be dug into.
While we've lived in our restored home for
over four years, this will be the first spring
post finishing our landscaping. Well... not
finishing but actually just starting what is
certain to be an ongoing evolution. Given
Easter arrives on April 1st (and that's no
joke) spring's on the upswing here in central
Montana. However don't worry, we're fully
prepared for at least one blizzard in May...
Out with the old...
No wonder I can't understand those who
purposefully flee every changing season.
Obviously it's lovely to live a comfortable
existence by volleying between temperate
zones. Yet I can't help but wonder if snow
birds truly know what they're missing?!
The dichotomy of snow versus blossoms
is all the more amazing after shoveling
for months. Given we all want what we
can't have - it's understandable that my
husband is plotting what he'll plant once
we're finally frost free. Until then we'll
enjoy any sign that spring is imminent.
Lighten up
I resisted "springing forward" to daylight
savings time. However it's been more than
glorious to enjoy the resulting extended
time in the light. During the past weeks
the days have only gotten longer. This
morning the sun rose in all it's glory at
7:07 a.m. Mountain Standard Time. And
post a full day of extended exposure to
blue skies and crystal clear sunshine will
fade out of sight at 7:39 p.m. If nothing
else seeing said light not only lifts one's
spirits, but also takes you to a better place.
There is light at the end of the tunnel...
For everything there is a season
The older one gets, the more one understands
the psychological impact that holidays have
upon even the most jaded of curmudgeons.
Christmas and Chanukah occur amidst dark
times. Hence we try to do everything possible
to brighten our spirits. By February who doesn't
need a little love? Thus we say it with flowers
in honor of St. Valentines. Add the inspiration
of Vogue's March issue's arrival on our snowy
doorsteps. Going for the green on St Patricks
has less to do with being Irish than affirmation
that soon things will be green again. And then
comes spring's official kickoff -  EASTER!
Optimist's club
Invariably spring is but another omen of things
to come. Hence each year many of us are but
pascal lambs being led to slaughter. All because
even if one dons a floral frock topped by some
sunny bonnet - there is no guarantee that you
won't freeze your ass off. However all is not
lost. Such a seasonal celebration is yet another
sign that change is in the air. Meaning that all
too soon we Montanans will be battling smoke
while the rest of you complain about the heat.
Theres a method to the madness of seasonal
disorders. Which are if nothing else nature's
ever changing way of giving us hope. Enjoy!