Friday, March 30, 2018


Good, better, best?
In theory one should rise above it.
Especially on Good Friday. At times
dealing with humanity can bring one
closer to hell than heaven. Years ago
I said a cordial "Good morning" to
a gentleman whose response was
"What's so good about it?!" At that
point I had a choice - either walk on
by or address his negative demeanor.
Knowing him more than well I opted
to avoid a fuss and not indulge in an
exercise in futility. I considered him
 a waste of my time. But was I right?
Half and half
Now that time has passed, I must admit
that I rather regret not taking him on. In
every situation - both good and bad we
have two options. Either we choose to
positively deal with life's challenges or
negatively opt out in defeat. Given I'm
of the glass half full variety, I'm rarely
willing to give in easily. Hence against
all odds I try to do my best and make
lemonade out of any sour situation. It's
just who I am. Thankfully my positive
slant always puts me in a better frame
of mind. Hence I'm fairly balanced...
Either or
So, per the prior question - exactly what
is good about it? My subtle suggestion
to anyone who can't positively answer
said query is to sit down and pull out a
pad and paper. Thereupon please create
two columns entitled "good" and "bad."
Next start filling in the blanks. Denote
what is good and bad about your life.
Depending on where and when your jot
things may jump from column to column.
Invariably one thing is certain, after such
an exercise one realizes that things are
never as bad but better than you thought.
Upon closer examination
If however the bad outweighs the good -
it's time to stop blaming everyone else
and take a deep look at yourself. Exactly
why are you in such a bad place? And
what is deterring your ability to improve
your outlook. Better yet, get up and walk
over to the nearest mirror. Whatever you
see, it's a reflection of who you really are.
That person looking at you is in essence
the root of most if not all of your evil.
Such a realization can be disconcerting.
But once you know who's standing in
your way you can finally move along.
Sink or swim
Few of us purposefully harbor ill intent.
However one's perspective on life can
skew one's results. Crossing from the
dark to sunny side of the street isn't
easy. Nor is making a funeral a going
away  party. If you only focus on what
you've lost - you'll never realize what
you've got. Rather than licking your
wounds, why no count your blessings?
Instead of sinking, swim. Ultimately
it's all about you. And once you take
control of your destiny, it's as good as
it gets only... much, much better!