Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Truth or consequences
Timing is everything. Hence there are times
when it's best to keep one's mouth shut. But
many of us struggle with embracing silence.
It's all too easy to spout rather than to contain
oneself. Particularly if they assume they only
know what's best. Even if most others disagree.
Luckily the school of hard knocks offers adult
education in the art of minding one's business.
Enabling even the most vociferous of talkers
to wait for the right time to make their voices
heard. Or better yet, to quietly step back and
hold our tongues. A stealth skillset that this
blogger has yet to master. Talk about tough...

Free speech
Try as I might I can't hold back. Meaning that
like many a teacher's pet I constantly try to
convince others that I'm smarter than they are.
Good intentions aside, sharing one's opinion
with a forced audience rarely gets applause.
Inevitably unwelcome spewing alienates all
within earshot. So why can't some of us keep
our mouths shut? Even the best of us tend to
be highly opinionated. Add more than a dash
of arrogance and one easily adds fuel to said
fire. Causing those who only want to help to
actually hurt those they love. Therefore by
saying it like it is we may end up burnt out.

Command performance
Obviously there are times when one must at
least try to go there. Any revelation requires
an audience that is receptive to considering
alternative perspectives. Many of us have to
hit rock bottom prior to listening up. While
others seek a shoulder upon which to cry
when challenged. No matter the situation,
a potential recipient of sage advice must
open the door. Providing easy access to all
who are ready to play devil's advocate. Hence
an open flow of ideas requires acquiescence.
Sans such surrender, unwelcome feedback
only falls on deaf ears. So why go there?

Waiting room
All of the above said, there are times when one
must make their voice heard. Doing so demands
the ability to suffer the consequences. Stating
what may be obvious to you doesn't guarantee
immediate applause from one's audience. Often
the "victim" of circumstances doesn't appreciate
being shown the error of their ways. Nor do they
treasure coming face to face with the brutal truth.
However slowly they come to their senses. And
assuming that all you said was true, will thank
you for said bitch slap of reality. However until
then be prepared to get the silent treatment. And
most important... think before for you speak.