Thursday, December 24, 2015


Bright enough for you?
I don't know about you but this boy
gets nostalgic during the holidays.
Everything from the past seems so
much more alluring. Somehow the
hustle and bustle of youth seemed
exciting NOT stressful. Could it be
possible that when viewed through
a youngster's eyes the lights truly
do burn brighter? Have we lost the
magic of Christmas or become too
jaded to still have a twinkle in our
eyes? Whatever has become of
Christmas past? Is it lost forever?

Stop and shop
When I was first married (the first time)
we lived on rather a tight budget. Back
then my boss handed out gift certificates
to Lord & Taylor every Christmas Eve
at the end of the day. Given I hadn't any
cash prior to buy presents, I would rush
over to Fifth Avenue and furiously shop
against the clock. Soon thereafter I'd be
on the subway armed with a mound of
boxes ready to put under the tree. To say
said shopping trip was stressful would be
an understatement. And yet... said frenzy
really did put one in the holiday spirit.

More than you know
There was a time when I wanted everything
now and dreamed even bigger. Every year
my list for Santa seemed to grow longer.
Yet post the big day, all of those goodies
still weren't ever enough. It wasn't until
later in life that I realized having it all isn't
the key to happiness. The greatest gift of
all is being loved by someone who loves
you even more. Hence tonight I don't care
what's under the tree or not. However...
a miniature French Bulldog named Percy
would be awfully nice! After all, a boy
can dream can't he? PLEASE SANTA?!

Music to my ears
Everything seems to get better with age.
In days of yore I recall reluctantly being
forced to carol with my church's youth
group. Yet now I fondly look back upon
those times. Tonight I won't be working
the neighborhood door to door. However
I will be singing in the choir at St. James
Episcopal Church. Before I joined said
group I hadn't sung before an audience
in years. Well, except for the shower or
the occasional gay piano bar. Little else
puts one into the holiday spirit more than
singing a carol. Why not join in tonight?

Time flies
Travel has always been part of the
holidays. Going over the river and
through the wood to Grandmother's
house was a cold proposition. And
while the trains were almost always
on schedule, battling crowds at the
station to stay on track was as hard
as getting through security or a run
to the gate at the airport. If I have
learned anything it's best to go with
the flow and let whatever will be...
be. Ultimately we all get there. It
just takes some of us a little longer.

Burn baby burn
One thing is certain. It will all be over
by the end of tomorrow. As a young
parent I was often putting something
together well after midnight. While at
times it didn't seem worth the effort,
the look on my kid's face the next day
always proved me wrong. So use this
time wisely. Stop and smell the balsam.
Set aside everything unimportant for at
least the next twenty four hours. Then
sip some eggnog, wrap it up, and throw
another log on the fire. Go ahead, savor
the moment. Yule be happy you did!