Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ready or not, here he comes!

Now or later?
Last Sunday night we maneuvered our
Christmas tree into the house. Given
the weather report called for snow it
was time to get a move on. By the end
of the next day there was at least ten
inches on the ground. Hence while we
aren't ready to deck the halls - we did
the right thing. Said sprout is uber fresh
as "B" & "S" cut it for us a week or two
ago. Now it patiently awaits adornment
as it consumes gallons of water. Yet for
some reason we can't seem to get it up.
Our lights and ornaments that is...
The waiting game
It seems that this year Frank and I prefer
to defer any decorative indulgences until
as late as possible. Isn't it a blessing that
two quite merry gentlemen seem to have
nothing to display? Whether that's due to
a lack of holiday spirit or a desire to put
off the inevitable is open for discussion.
Exactly what is our problem?! Are we
a pair of curmudgeons? Or a couple of
old men who aren't willing to get into
the mood without some foreplay? What's
your rush?! We just lit the third advent
candle. It'a too soon to start decorating!
Give it a brake
As a boy I couldn't get the tree up fast
enough. Yet in my youth our tree never
went up until the week before Christmas.
It was only until after faux became the
fir of choice that my Mother finally let
the tannenbaum arise immediately post
Thanksgiving. Meanwhile it seems that
more and more feel the need to set up
their trees by early October. And keep
the lights on until it's time for Easter.
Orthodox Greeks and Russians aside,
hasn't anybody ever heard the phrase
Ill spent youth
When my children were young we always
had dual trees. In other words I was a tree
snob plus horrifically anal. Hence there in
our living room sat a tree that was a vision
to behold. Perfectly arranged and color
coordinated. Whereas the toys for tots tree
in our library was a multicolored melange
of castoffs and craft projects. In hindsight,
those tidbits are what I now treasure most.
How could I have been so misguided? Why
couldn't I see the forest for the trees and be
able to find the true meaning of Christmas?
If only I could go back and change the past.
Timing is everything
Post many years in retail, it's rather hard
to really get into the holiday spirit. You
see, anybody who sells anything has to
focus on the holidays 365 days a year.
At Marshall Field's the trim-a-tree shop
went up immediately after Labor Day
Given it was quite a job to decorate our
State Street Flagship, we decked that
store's halls starting sometime in October.
However Santa didn't arrive until the day
after Thanksgiving. There is a season for
everything - even in retail. Fortunately
there are still some things you can't rush.
Light show
Hence in my opinion, the later the better.
However I must admit that it's about time
that we got the job done. Starting today
we will transform our manse slowly but
surely. Next the lights go up on the tree.
That's a task that thankfully Frank takes
full responsibility for. He is meticulous
and the end result is well worth the wait.
However I often must leave the premises
during said lighting of the tree. Otherwise
someone just might put another's lights
out. And so rather than flip Frank's switch,
this wise man does his best to get LOST.
To each his own
For many reasons Frank has assumed
primary responsibility for all of our
tree related ornamentation. After years
of trial and error, I've found it's best to
allow Frank to arrange his balls when,
where, and as he pleases. Of course we
tried co-decoration. But invariably I'd
be hanging out in the wrong place at the
wrong time. Now this elf sits his ass
on some shelf as far away as possible.
In the end our seasonal detente reflects
just how well our partnership works.
Naughty or nice we divide and conquer!
Happy ending
Especially during the holidays Frank
is the yin to my yang. And with that
balance comes a peace the passeth all
understanding. After everything is up
we celebrate for a week or two. This
year this old house will be filled with
family. Soon thereafter it will be time
for them to go home. That's when I'll
finally take it all off (the tree that is).
I find said task stimulating. Post all
of the seasonal over stimulation it's
time to start the new year fresh. All
good things must come to an end!