Saturday, December 26, 2015


Post traumatic stress syndrome
As Helen Reddy once sang, there must
be a time of reckoning post almost any
indulgence. Hence most are wandering
around in a daze this morning. And if
you're like us, your home is rather in a
state of transition. Here and there, bits
of wrapping paper and ribbon adorn the
living room carpet. Christmas cookie
crumbs are strewn across the kitchen
counter. And for some the garbage bag
chimes with empty bottles as you take
out the trash. Yes - believe it or not -
another Christmas has come and gone.
Out of service
If you're like me, you're actually more
than relieved. And much like Santa,
you're ready for a prolonged vacation.
While one's goose has been cooked
(devoured) the holidays aren't over as
of yet. We all maintain some level of
festive spirit until New Years Eve.
That celebratory sham is more than
enough reason to drink given it's as
fun as having oral surgery. Therefore
we must smile and keep the lights on
as our spirits and pine swags sag. All
we can do is hope it will be over soon.
Animal instinct
It seems that anticipation is often more
pleasurable than the ultimate act itself.
Thus one might surmise that prolonged
foreplay can be equally or even more
pleasurable than any orgasmic event.
Which explains why few newlyweds
ever wake up the following morning
thinking they've made the right decision.
The fact is that after all the planning,
preparation, and trepidation associated
with a major life event, by the morning
after the bloom is off the rose. And for
many, things may never get any better.
Gone with the wind
Which bodes mentioning the old adage -
"Be careful what you wish for, because
it might come true!" No matter one's age,
starting a new position or relationship is
always gut wrenching. While the grass
usually seems greener, crossing over to
the other side is invariably traumatic.
And so, whether a blind date or first day
on the job, nothing makes one feel as
lonely as starting anew. Yet the benefits
of such a transition outweigh liabilities.
Thus one must fasten their seat belt for
a bumpy but most likely positive trip.
Glass half full
Ultimately I've come to the conclusion that
experiencing disappointment is the best part
of being an adult. After our hopes or dreams
have been dashed upon the rocks of reality
we always end up in a better place. Whether
that's because we have to learn the hard way
or growth naturally occurs in that manner
doesn't really matter. Facing the facts may
be sobering however I humbly suggest that
whatever one learns from said bitch slap is
usually intoxicatingly illuminating. So...
don't be glum because your holidays were
rough. Believe it or not pain is the best gift.
The gift that keeps on giving
Some of you are probably packing up
and preparing for a flight or drive back
home. Others are putting away their
presents. Many are dreading the reality
of returning to work within a few days.
And most are simply exhausted! My
hope is that ALL of you are grateful.
You see, however your actual holiday
went, good or bad, in the end you all
gained something from the experience.
After all, it's a celebration of love. So
now that it's over, FEEL THE LOVE.
You see love rarely if ever disappoints!