Monday, August 10, 2015

Things that go bump in the night...

No longer at this address
Have you ever been awakened by
a specter from times past? Many
years ago I purchased a second
home in southwestern Michigan.
Said abode had been built by a
single gentleman who died quite
suddenly. Subsequently the house
and all of his possessions went to
auction. From the moment that I
first walked into that house I fell
in love. Somehow I felt a kindred
connection to this person I never
met nor saw hence never knew.
Night of the living dead
One night shortly after closing I awoke
to see someone standing at the foot of
my bed. "It" wasn't a person, rather an
amorphous shadow stood before me.
However I immediately knew who it
was. Sitting up I we communicated
and innately knew what was wrong.
Quite loudly and clearly I said "Don't
worry. I love this house and will take
care of it as long as it's mine." And as
suddenly as that vaporous vestige of
a former owner appeared - it was gone.
Never to return as far as I know...
Call me crazy. Consider me daft. But
in my opinion ghosts exist. Sometimes
they lurk in the shadows or haunt your
dreams. Today I got up with a start post
vividly dreaming of a confrontation with
colleague from my past. I've no idea if
she's dead or alive. Nor where she might
be given I haven't seen nor heard of her
in at least twenty years. Yet deep within
my subconscious she was very real. So
much so - that it took me hours to calm
down and forget about her once again.
Am I crazy, delusional, or intuitive?
Unexpected visitor
Post purchasing the Passion Pit - our
friend told us the house was haunted.
She identified a person, place (within
the pit), and even her first initial! All
from MANY miles away. Finally our
amigo visited. She immediately went
downstairs to the creepiest room in
the house. Post chatting with our long
term boarder - she helped her exit our
home never to return. Then suddenly,
that room's overwhelming feeling was
gone. We were ALL free - both those
Gone but not forgotten
One could argue that the above is
fantasy. Yet if one checks the facts -
you'll find proof that said spirits
once roamed your roost. Somehow
they get stuck and cannot or refuse
to move along. Initially skeptical
about of lady of the basement - I
ultimately connected the historical
dots through various sources. Thus
somebody long forgotten once more
was known and recognized for who
she once was. And trust me... she
was here for real. Scary isn't it?!
Over the edge
After losing my parents I realized that
love never dies. Long after her exit,
Ethel was still very much with me.
As in life, she lurked in the shadows
ready to stroke or poke depending on
the situation. Whether said sensation
was my mourning process or her way
of transitioning from here to there
didn't matter. Her presence comforted
me while somehow benefiting Mom.
Nobody wants to be forgotten. Hence
haunting could a plea for recognition.
Side by side
Don't get spooked. It's not like we live
in a scene from Poltergeist and will be
sucked to the other side. As I age I'm
fairly comfortable with a rather fluid
border between then and now. Whether
my spectral sightings are real or only
in my head doesn't matter. The fact is
they help put today in context. They're
a reminder that we're part of a cycle -
a continuum - an endless stream of
individuals whose prior contributions
make the here and now what it is.
We are who we are because of them.
From here to there
Before you know it you may be gone.
We really can't control when or how
our end happens. Therefore it makes
sense that some of us are caught a bit
off guard. While few hope to spend
eternity haunting attics - some of us
seem to get stuck. Thus "real" or not
there sense when someone is trying
to reconnect. Call it traveler's aid or
voodoo or tomfoolery - but why not
help someone who has lost find their
way? After all, there but for the grace
of God go I! Now that's... SCARY!